Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $369.99
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Time to check out the product page and solid reviews (4 out of 5 eggs) over at

Reviews over at B&H Photo

I don’t see the refresh rate listed.

Newegg claims 60 Hz, but only that one rate. Nothing adjustable.

Thanks to the handy b&h link, the most useful review gives it 4 stars and mentions the refresh…

“Limited to only 30 cps refresh rate at 4K resolution. Awkward set up button which takes some time to figure out. The 4 way tooggle action is somewhat touchy. On screen set up would be much simpler and easier to use. The stand is not adjustable. Aside from the short-comings the dislay is great.”

Bought this a few months back. I really like the display at 2k. I haven’t been able to get a 4k resolution from it, no matter what I try (at least 3 different computers and video cards).

I got this monitor from Woot back in March, and I’ve generally been pretty happy with it. I’m using it at 3840x2160, connected with a single HDMI cable since my video card doesn’t have DisplayPort.

I’m using it to review & edit my amateur photography images, so I can’t speak to how it would be for gaming & such. I did calibrate it with a ColorMunki Smile, which made some small adjustments. I like the monitor for working with photos – the higher resolution gives me a better idea of how sharp my pictures actually are.

The monitor stand is pretty flimsy, something I saw noted in other reviews before I bought it. Nothing that makes you think it’s going to collapse, but the monitor will shake pretty easily. If you have a gaming or theater setup with a big subwoofer, I suspect you’d have a problem. There isn’t any way to VESA-mount it, so you can’t change stands.

Also, for those of us who are starting to need reading glasses, be aware that under Windows 7, even with the display size set to large, icons & text are fairly small. I can read everything okay, but in a few years my eyes might not be able to handle it. I’m assuming that Windows 10 will have better support for hi-res devices. (For all I know, Win8 might already have such support, but I’m not loading Win8 in order to check.) DOSBox games look tiny on this screen.

It may sound like I’m focusing on the negatives above, but I am happy with this monitor for my purposes. I just wanted to share the couple of problems I had encountered.

What port / cable are you using? 4k has pretty specific requirements.

I bought one of these last time. It was defective. I’ve been fighting Samsung to get a repair since, literally over a month. They insist woot is not an Samsung Authorized Retailer, even though woot is Amazon. Woot is allowing me to return it for a refund, thank you woot!

Its a very nice monitor if you get one that works…but I’m never buying another Samsung anything in my life. Customer service nightmare.

hi folks, looks like it works 4K with 60hz if you use Displayport. A friend have this model with a Titan X and is using the displayport to cap some games at 60hz.
I saw Battlefield 4 capped at 60hz in 4K, newer games strangely the Titan X couldn’t hold 4K at 60hz… lol

Hope it helps, cya!

Anyone know how many dead pixels to expect?

I’m using a circa 2012 Macbook Pro Retina and I get better resolution using HDMI than displayport. Displayport from a Mac will do 60Hz, but it’s about half the resolution of HDMI (which will only do 30Hz at the max resolution). Just putting it out there so people don’t make the mistake I did and buy a mini-displayport to displayport cable to get a better resolution than HDMI.

I have this monitor. It has good color reproduction for a TN panel.
It is a 4k60htz panel.
Displayport will run 4k 60htz.
HDMI will run 4k 30htz.
If you lack displayport you can also run this in seamless split screen mode so that you can achieve 4k60htz via HDMI. With two HDMI feeds side-by-side supplying 1080x2160 @ 60htz.

Please note that neither displayport nor hdmi 2.0 overclock very well. Unlike a normal HDMI panel monitor where you may be able to drive a 60htz panel at refresh rates of 90-120htz; you will NOT be able to do that with 4K60htz monitors DP/HDMI 2.0. The chips are too new and do not scale that well yet. At most you will go from 60htz to 63-65htz.

A review of this Samsung u28d590d (with calibration data/suggestion) can be found on tomshardware here:,4033.html.

That makes no sense for this panel. Whats the exact resolution you’re getting out of it? “2k” is 2048x1080 - which is a digital cinematic (DCI) resolution, and not a supported resolution of this panel at all. If that’s the exact resolution you’re getting, then it’s a settings issue. If instead, you’re getting 1920x1080 then that is supported, but known as 1080p… we don’t round up the horizontal, and call it 2k. That might seem nit-picky, but they are separate standards. Likewise, with “4k” there are a few different standards to consider. Almost everything consumer level (tv or computer monitor) is going to fall under the standard 16:9 ratio “4k-UHD” format - which is 3840x2160, whereas DCI is 4096x2160. This panel is the former. If you’re stuck in 1080p resolution, it’s going to be one of 2 things - the cable you’re using, or the GPU you’re trying to push it with. Older HDMI cables won’t support 1080p. Most people think a cable is a cable, is a cable… You’ll need an hdmi 1.4, or hdmi 2.0 cable to get to 4k. (1.4 will only get you to 30hz, at that)

I shopped around for a 4k monitor last black Friday. I found this Samsung @ ~ $600 lots of places. Did not buy due to TN Panel, and lack of Vesa mount for a better stand.

At this price, if you can accept the stand, and the TN Panel, it is a heck of a bargain!

Just a update here.
My monitor that I bought here just arrived, and it does work 4k - 60hz with Displayport, but you have to update the settings with the “onetouch” button on the back of the monitor, from Diaplyport 1.1 to 1.2.
I have a PC with a Titan X and all is perfect, but if you a Mac user, try to do some research 1st, seems like there are some limitations.

The only thing I’m not so happy about it is that the color fidelity and the gamma temp is not very good, contrast is but the colors are so off that it´s a bit strange.

Also, for a Factory/seller refurbished the monitor arrived with a lot of scratches and marks of use specially at the base. The monitor itself looks brand new.