Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
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I bought one of these from Woot about 6 weeks ago. I love it so much that I am considering buying another. When I use it with my Macbook Pro, it turns into a Retina display with ultrasharp text and images, and great color. I already had a pretty nice 24" monitor, so I didn’t expect this one to be a big upgrade, but holy cow – it’s phenomenal.

Does this monitor VESA mount? No specs on it, and they turned off magnify!

No, it doesn’t have any mounting holes at the back.

Btw, this thing works with Surface Pro 3 or higher with special driver settings (4k @ 50Hz). Pretty cool to power this monitor with a tablet.

Found a third party vendor that makes a VESA adapter kit. The vendor is Gladiator Joe and their kit fits this model. When you get to their website look for this adapter:
“Samsung VESA Adapter for “V” Stand - Type 3” … you just have to use the M4 bolts that come with your VESA arm. Easy to install.

I considered this monitor but passed it by when I found out the stand has no adjustments. No height, tilt, or rotate at all. Just a very flimsy plastic stand. I purchased an Asus 4K monitor instead. Its stand has all the adjustments I could want, including rotation.

As noted above, no VESA mount. The zoom feature only works if we have hi-res images. Sorry about that.

I bought this back in March and have been happy with it for amateur photography work. The extra resolution really helps me determine how sharp my pictures are.

I would note that it’s much better with Windows 10 than Windows 7, because font scaling is better under 10. I have tried using the computer to which it’s connected to send video to my HDTV via Chromecast, and the results can be unpredictable, so I generally cast from my laptop or Chromebook instead.

As others have noted, the stand is mediocre and not VESA-compatible. I thought about getting one of the adapters, but the factory stand works well enough with my desk.

I don’t know how it is for gaming, but for photo work (and just to have LOTS of monitor area), it’s been very nice.

The gladiator joe mount appears to put the VESA mount at the bottom of the monitor instead of the middle. I have a monitor stand with 2 rows of bars to mount monitors on so mounting the bottom of the monitor of the bar won’t work out. :-(.

As others have mentioned above, it blows me away that a monitor of this quality and price has the same 50 cent stand as a throwaway AOC monitor available for a 100 bucks. Combined with the lack of VESA mounts, it’s an epic fail. It’s akin to putting vinyl seats in an S class Mercedes and offering no upgrade package to leather.

This monitor can only do 30Hz on HDMI, you will need a DisplayPort to get full 60Hz capability.

I really want a 4K monitor but I’m holding out for one with an IPS display that doesn’t cost a fortune. I’ve become spoiled with IPS displays.

Plus there’s no excuse for the lack of stand adjustments on this model.

I don’t have this one, but my job bought me two 27" 4k displays to go with my new MBP. Coming from three 24" 1080p screens, I didn’t think it would be a big difference, but like you said: it’s phenomenal. I also have a regular 27" display that got ordered by mistake, and even at the same resolution the difference is incredible. My only gripe is that I sometimes lose the cursor in all these glorious pixels! First World Problems are great.

Bought one of these last time around. It was DOA due to a bad external power supply which I replaced by online purchase via Amazon. Woot re-compensed me for the replacemant PS. Works fine (now).