Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

Solid reviews (4 out of 5 eggs) over at

Reviews over at B&H Photo

ANOTHER monitor without VESA mount! Why on earth would anyone build a monitor you cannot mount to a wall or arm?

Any discount??

Samsung VESA adapter ~30 bucks

I bought this monitor from woot a couple months ago, and while I’m very happy with the size and resolution, it has TERRIBLE ghosting! It shows up often just when using a web browser, although in video games it depends on how fast the action is. I saw comments about ghosting in other reviews and decided to take the chance since the price was so low for a UHD 28" monitor (I was on a 900p 19" prior, so huge upgrade). Now I’m having some buyer’s remorse, I wish I would have waited for something else.

Got this from woot a few months ago. Other than the part where it’s 4k and 28", it’s a cheap monitor; crummy stand, no VESA, uneven backlight, slow refresh. If you’re buying it for the resolution, it’s an amazing deal (for the most part, other 4k/60Hz monitors start around double this price, and competitively-priced 4k monitors only run at 30Hz, which is suprisingly unusable); if you’re buying it to have a high-quality screen, you’ll get much better results at the same price if you compromise somewhat on resolution.

Here is a nice review that covers everything about the monitor.

I really want a 4k monitor.
I generally most believe in Samsung.
From what I hear and based on my countless experience for impulsive purchase of 1st gen tech items, just to be the New Kid in the Block, I know it burns the heart and wallet soon.
I’ll wait for 2nd or 3rd Gens to arrive.
Still looks like a good deal for photoshop, graphic work etc, minus gaming or high demands.

I wouldn’t count on the color reproduction to be especially good, and the backlighting is very uneven. It fits the “many pixels on one screen” criterion for photo editing, but not any of the others.