Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $339.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I got this monitor the last time it was on here. This is about $40 cheaper than the price I got it at several months ago.

This monitor is great for the price. It’s a little shaky on the included base, but it’s a concession for the price of this (almost $200 less than a new one on Amazon).

The monitor has a really nice Picture-In-Picture feature I had no idea existed when I bought it. I can run two different inputs on it split screen or dock one into a corner. It’s really pretty awesome!

So with the shaky stand, you’re probably thinking, "cool, I’ll just mount it on a monitor arm. Well, this monitor has zero built-in ability to use a VESA monitor mount. It has zero holes in the monitor enclosure to mount it. But, there’s a bit of hope. I got a a monitor bracket adapter for this model here . I just put it on an Ergotron LX arm today, in fact. Due to the low bracket mount point, it’s still a little shaky on the arm, so I wedged some of that formed packing material (not polystyrene) in between the top part of the bracket and the back of the monitor. This did the trick and made all of the difference!

Hope this helps! For the price, you really can’t get any better and the headaches are solveable as I’ve detailed above.


Thanks for the real world feedback.

Do you find that at this higher resolution, you can locate the monitor at a “normal” distance from your eyes… due to the higher resolution resulting in crisp smaller typeface vs. a 28 inch 1920 x 1080 monitor?

(Not a fan of having to locate larger monitors way back from me. And don’t have the desk space anyway!)

And do you think filling the stand with epoxy or automotive body putty, perhaps fine grain cement might make it stiffer? (Assuming the neck is hollow)

Picked this up last time Woot had it. You can definitely move it closer than a lower res monitor. I have mine about 3" closer to me than my previous 23" 1080res monitor.

Something to consider though (I learned the hard way): it accepts 60Hz input through the DisplayPort connection but only 30Hz through HDMI. I first used it w/ HDMI because my card didn’t have a DisplayPort output at it was very subpar. Mouse was laggy and it was surprisingly hard on the eyes. Ended up getting a GTX 750ti that has a DisplayPort and now everything is fine. Even the eye strain is gone.

Amazon has some good info, like the monitor weight is 16 pounds. Which is important to me as I want to put it on one of the extendable monitor arms. Oh… the present price on Amazon is $616. I can’t pass up this deal.

This is 2014’s model and does not include HDMI 2.0 like the 2015 (U28E590D) model does. Keep in mind that the HDMI ports on this one will only output @ 30hz. If you want 60hz your graphics card will need display port. Also keep in mind this model does not have FreeSync like it’s 2015 counterpart does. This model has DisplayPort 1.2, freesync requires 1.2a.

The mounts on these are somewhat flimsy. There is no height adjustment only tilt. and no VESA mounts.

I’ve been researching 4k monitors for about a month now and while I love the look of this display compared to other 4k displays @ this price point. I just cant justify the price, even at this price, for the lack of features compared to what another 100 bucks will get you for a more current model. At this point I think the best monitor on the same level as these Samsungs and Dells is the Asus PB287Q.

Here’s the manual for the Monitor. Page 86 shows the frequency the monitors run at on each port. (HDMI/DisplayPort)

It depends on the application and how it supports text scaling. I have my Windows 10 machine scaling to 125% text size. If you do get the monitor, make sure to Google DPI Fix as you’ll probably need it with Windows 10 and how it butchers text clarity on high resolution displays.

There are a few cons to this display, but honestly, I’ve been really happy with the monitor. Recommend with most monitors you keep the top of it near eye level. I also use a Displayport connection for the PC, so I never encounteredd the 30hz limitation before.

I would say do some heavy research on alternatives if you aren’t going to mount the monitor on an arm (see my previous comment about how you actually have to go about doing that). I haven’t looked around in a few months, so I don’t know what’s out there currently. When I did purchase, this was about $200-300 cheaper than anything else I found.

No VESA = no bueno.

I just won’t buy a monitor I can’t put on an arm, sorry.

I’m not trying to sell anyone on it, so no worries here :). I am just saying I’ve personally been happy with it AND I do have an arm on it if you missed that part.

I would just like to get what I paid for …my monitors just came in and they are NOT what I ordered… I ordered and paid for a model U28D590D… however I recieved a U28E590D

Do they just assume that you will accept products that aren’t what they advertise?

Oh jeez, sorry to hear about the mix-up. If you haven’t yet, please email your order details and situation to; CS can get into your account and get you taken care of.

Mine included the wrong power cord!!! how does that pass QA?

That’s lame, I’m sorry for your experience. These have a 90 day Samsung warranty; have you contacted them to see if they can replace just the cord for you? I’d recommend starting there.

If you need any extra help along the way, please email with your order info and issue.