Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $299.99
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I have both the older u28d590 and this newer u28e590. I bought the u28e590 to go side by side with my u28d which I loved for tackling monster excel spreadsheets. Though the chassis are almost identical the u28e seems much brighter and crisp. Blacks are black and colors pop. You can really tell the difference when gaming. The u28e is a nice upgrade for gaming. Not that the u28d was bad by any means, but the u28e just point blank out performs in gaming. I strongly recommend either model for office use, but if you are a gamer, go for this one. I’m debating pulling the trigger on this and throwing my u28d up on eBay. For 31.99, the mothership has a nice rated Vesa mount kit if you need it.

The pictures on the woot-today one don’t show VESA mount holes, but all of the pics of the U28E590D I see have the mount holes, including the product page on Samsung and Amazon. Can staff confirm if this is the U28E590D with VESA mount. It is normally where the center of the plate would be over the SAMSUNG logo on the top of the monitor.

[MOD: We are selling the E model not the D]

Here’s the correct Newegg page: Samsung U28E590D -

I presume the pictures Woot has listed are incorrect, as the stand shown in the pictures is the silver stand the U28D model comes with, but the one listed for sale here is the U28E, which has a black stand and the 75x75mm Vesa mounting on the back. Woot can confirm though, as I do not personally own one of these.

Does this come with sound capability and can a sound bar be attached to the monitor?

Looking at the back of mine now, there is no VESA mount. The VESA mount kit is sold separately. It is a conversion. Instead of having a stand that plugs into the bottom of the display, there is a bracket with Vesa holes that plugs into the display. I’ve seen them anywhere from $20 to $40. Amazon has a 5 star at 31.99. As far as the color of the stand, the u28e does have a blackish metallic vertical bar versus a more brushed silver one. The bar that is parallel to the display is silver on both. Besides a different color hue, they are the same thing. Too funny… I never even noticed the difference. Just thought it the u28e was getting the light differently.

Bought this monitor Black-Friday time for around $350. Wish I had waited until now…

The monitor has an audio out on the back, though I’m not sure about the soundbar.

The real difference between the 2 that made me buy the E over the D is that the D has HDMI 2.0, which allows for 3840x2160p at 60Hz through HDMI. The D was only able to do 4k at 60Hz through DisplayPort.

Well I took the plunge and am in for one. 1ms with freesync and 4k seems like enough reason to go back to a TN now that the price is right. Definitely glad I waited for the E instead of the D model that woot has offered so so so many times.

Does woot qualify for this offer? ? Because this model number is on the list.

What am I losing if I feed this with the wrong family graphics card? If I’m reading right, the monitor seems to like AMD, and my new machine has a Geforce GTX 970 to feed it. What will I miss out on?

So this is confirmed an E model, not D?
I noticed as well the wrong pic.

I don’t see warranty info, did I miss it?

[MOD: We are selling the E model not the D]

I’ve got two of the D’s on my desk at work, one on DP and one on HDMI - which does require one run at 30Hz, but for office work, it doesn’t make any difference.

You have to make sure your video driver will handle it; on my HP Envy desktop, which was from Woot, I had to update the nVidia driver, and uncheck a box to only show TV resolutions. Oddly, no 4k options over HDMI showed with that checked, only on DP.

These have very nice pictures. And for those who say that 4k doesn’t matter in smaller sizes, it does. When these were first connected, one was detected as 4K and the other at 1080p. Both wallpapers were the same image, the same size, and full-screen. There was a world of difference from 24" away.

I work with large documents, so I like the resolution to show more on-screen at the time. I just sit close, so I can actually read it.

Has Woot confirmed it is the E model?

In either case, what card is required to drive 4K? What is the least cost option for business purposes (no gaming)

Then what happens to the font size when you display the output on a 4K monitor compared to a HD monitor sitting right next to it. I assume that the displayed font is half the size, right?

So if you increase the font to the same size at the HD mon right next to it, is the font any clearer and more distinct, or are you just basically reducing the resolution to HD to achieve that size?

Could someone please explain this stuff to us newbies in high resolution.

[MOD: We are selling the E model not the D]

Still waiting for the official word on this offering.

ThunderThighs, or other mods? Is this the D or the E? There are notable differences between the two.

All the wording says E, but the pictures are clearly D.

[MOD: We are selling the E model not the D]

Does this have VGA inputs?

No, two HDMI and one DisplayPort. Whether this is the D or E version, that’s the same.

But you have been enjoying the monitor since black Friday (68 days) vs getting it a week+ from now. If the price difference was a $100 maybe fret about it but not for $50 difference.