Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $299.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Does anyone know if this has a USB hub in it?

Found the manual on this page. You have to skim past about 25 pages about how to use and not use the product. Once they actually start talking about the product, I didn’t see any mention of a USB hub.

Reviews over at the Product Page

I bought this monitor on February 3rd this year. Paid $329.39 for it.
The resolution is awesome. Specially is you own a 4K video camera.

This comment isn’t about the TV. Its about Woot, or, more specifically, what Woot used to be vs what it has devolved into since Amazon bastardized it.
I miss the old Woot. True deals, one deal, one day. Not just TV’s, Dysons, and crap! The only reason I ever go to Woot anymore, is for batteries.
Doesn’t even deserve the name Woot. It should be called Amazon Yard Sale.

FYI: I bought a Factory Reconditioned Samsung monitor in a previous woot, it arrived DOA. Woot had no stock for replacement and Samsung said warranty on refurbs only covers repair, not replacement. Just be forewarned.

I would assume I would need to purchase a video card that supports 4K to get the benefits of 4K? Any recommendations?

Does anyone know about the dead pixel policy for a Samsung refurb?

I bought an HP refurb earlier this year & it had a dead pixel near the center of the screen.
Was a pain trying to get it replaced, so I sold it as-is & got on that Samsung 27" curved monitor deal.

Just FYI, the VESA mount directed to in the specs page does NOT fit this model of Samsung. Just a heads up, been looking for a great monitor with VESA but it just isn’t this one.

LinusTechTips reviews “previous” model a while back. The main difference is the one for sale here supports Freesync.

TL;DW: Best value 4K on the market. Buy if you don’t require color accuracy or ergonomic adjustment.


According to this article, it does not.,2817,2475414,00.asp

Hey Woot,

I don’t think the VESA mount adapter that you reference (and link to) will fit this model. I lifted this text from the description of the adapter…

“FITS SAMSUNG MONITORS: This bracket is tested and guaranteed to work with: Samsung U28D590D, S27D590P, and S24D590PL. DOES NOT FIT U28E590D - NOTE THE “E” IN THE MODEL NAME

No it does not. I bought one a previous time from Woot and can definitely say not USB hub.

Because I care about viewing/color/image quality too and not just OMG MOAR PIXELZZZZ, I’m holding out for an IPS 4K display. This has TN (bleah)

Realistically, you are correct; You will need either a moderate discrete graphics card, or a very modern system with pretty amazing integrated graphics - Currently only a handful of Intel Z170 boards offer the DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI 2.0 connector that you would need to drive this display at the full 4K/UHD resolution at 60Hz. Most older boards or GPUs have the older HDMI 1.3/1.4, which will only drive this resolution at up to 24Hz, which may be okay for movies (it’s their native frame rate), but BAD for anything else, be it office work or gaming.

Upgrading to a discrete GPU may be easiest, if your system has the open PCIe slot, and the power to feed a graphics card. One of the simplest cards to recommend is a couple of generations old, but requires no extra power cables, instead drawing only a minimal amount through the motherboard’s PCIe power - The Nvidia GTX 750Ti. This is not a super-strong gaming candidate, especially for the full resolution, but it will do quite comparably to current gen gaming consoles at 1080p, or can manage respectable speed at QHD resolutions (2560x1440 - the happy middle ground between FHD and 4K).

However, realistically, just about any modern mid-grade or higher graphics card would suffice, if you don’t care about gaming; Anything from Nvidia’s current generation, from the GTX 950, or higher (will likely require extra power for the listed model, and definitely need them for anything above). Anything from AMD’s R9 series of cards would likely perform to a similar level.

Extra things to note, quickly:
[]This is a TN panel - faster, and better for gaming, in general, but off-axis viewing will be pretty bad. Usually fine for a single user. This panel has also been noted to have decent colour, if calibrated well, but may need some attention on arrival. Can be worked to be accurate enough for sRGB colour-critical work in graphic design or photos, but this is not reallly intended for that - It’s a fringe benefit.
]This particular model, according to Samsung’s documentation, supports a gaming technology called FreeSync, which is one of the newest methods of making gaming literally a completely new experience - It smooths out the motion by using an adaptive refresh rate, rather than fixed, to avoid stutter, screen tearing, etc. The catch is that this is currently only supported by AMD, the creators of this version of the tech (Nvidia has G-Sync), so an AMD GPU would be the preference if you want to game. And your most likely candidates would probably from their Fury line of graphics offerings, as none of the rest are great at 4K/UHD. Nvidia may have the upper hand at raw power, but this monitor is aimed at AMD (graphics) users.
[*]The 28" size is nice, but you will likely need to scale your text and operating system, since the pixels are so tiny that only those with eagle-like vision will even be able to read text without struggling. Windows 10 is starting to get better at this, but it is just a limitation of high resolutions while they’re still new-ish. “Retina”-style look great on mobile devices, but we haven’t made them work well for PCs yet.

Hope this helps! Cheers!

You can check out Samsung’s warranty info. You might also be interested in the extended Square Trade warranty, just as a backup.

Yes, and even if your current card technically supports 4K you may find yourself upgrading anyway.I used it with onboard graphics for about a week (yeah, I know) and it was so beautiful that I did end up buying a new graphics card. For more than the monitor. And it was worth every penny.

The monitor is very big, very bright, and displays exquisite detail. The problem is that there isn’t much content for it yet although that’s getting better every day. Youtube has a 4K channel. Gaming on it is astounding. Glad I Wooted it but yeah, you might find yourself wanting to upgrade that graphics card.

There are a number of good cards out there. I went with an NVidia GeForce 970 - was probably overkill but I’m delighted with the performance. Best of luck!

My work desktop with an nVidia GeForce GTX 745 (a Woot refurb HP desktop) drives these without any problem over DisplayPort and over HDMI at 30Hz. I can’t say about HDMI@60Hz because the displays I’ve got at work are the older D version that doesn’t support 60Hz over HDMI.

At home, I got a MSI GeForce GTX 950, currently at NewEgg for $155 and a $30 rebate. I picked it for future expandability, with HDMI 2.0 and 3x DisplayPort 1.2 - it can drive 4 of these displays simultaneously. As a bonus, it’s at the low end of the price spectrum for a semi-current card, and it has relatively low power requirements at 90w (350w recommended power supply).

Intel integrated video HD 4200 and later will also support these over DisplayPort, but only at 30hz over HDMI.