Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $299.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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4.5 Stars over at Best Buy

Kind of odd to have the VESA mounts up so high on the monitor instead of closer to the middle. And the inputs directly beneath that might be an issue if you mount it on an arm. Still, 4k is the way to go, it’s way better than 1k. 4 times better to be exact.

Bought one during this offering and am insanely pleased:

In fact, if I didn’t already have a TV provides the speakers for my computer, and that I then wouldn’t know what to do with, I’d get a second.

I purchased this item on Woot a few months back. I love it. My biggest issue is that, for some silly reason, it has compatibility issues with my Microsoft Surface Dock. I have to power cycle the dock some times to get the unit to recognize the monitor. I have confirmed with Microsoft that this is a known issue with the monitor (I personally blame the dock) and there is no timeline for a fix. Just keep this is mind if you have a Surface Dock!

Just curious, but how does removing the stand make the monitor .14" less wide? This may be the deciding factor for me, here! :slight_smile:

I also purchased this monitor, and feel so-so about it. On the one hand, the screen is bright, big, and colorful. On the other hand, it has terrible ghosting. I’d read some other reviews online that mentioned the same thing, and decided to take a chance.

If you’re going to use this a lot for gaming, I’d look elsewhere.


If you’re going to use this a lot for gaming, I’d look elsewhere.[/quote]

I had my Mouse pointed at my PayPal account.
Looking for a great gaming monitor

Huh, I have one of these and my wife has two and we both use it for gaming and have had no issues. I would recommend it, definitely. Haven’t seen any ghosting.

I bought one brand new and love it. I have been using it for gaming for about 9 months now.

We’ve updated the dimensions so it’s not growing/shrinking when you remove the stand.

It’s got a 1ms refresh rate. It literally doesn’t get better than that. Seriously think any lag issues you’re seeing are in your graphics card, not the monitor.

How would this be for a gaming monitor? Does 4k in general make any difference in gaming?

What’s the refresh rate?

Bought the monitor from Woot also. No ghosting when playing Fallout4, Witcher, Battleborne, etc.

Only negative is the cable that comes with the monitor. With the original cable, the PC and monitor would not sync from sleep quickly. With the new cable that issue went away.

60hz with DisplayPort
HDMI is limited to 30hz due to v1.4

If you don’t have a top tier graphics card, stick to 1080 of 1440. Games like Overwatch, Starctaft, etc. play at good FPS at 4K. Games like battlefield have trouble running in 4K on a single card. 1070 or 1080s may have better luck. I’ve used it for 6 months to game. The games that I can play in 4K are smooth!

I bought one of these months ago because the replacement PC came with a pretty capable video card. As long as the features were already there, might as well use them, right? It took some work to get the right combination of video cables, drivers, settings and such, but once it dialed in, it’s been a serious delight! Worth dealing with matching everything and setting things to work. I power off the monitor when I walk away, so there are no issues from power management software, either. This has been my favorite monitor since a certain CRT monitor I had some thirty years ago went obsolete.

Bought one of these back in May.

Good color depth and reproduction
True 4K
No ghosting visible while gaming
Freesync compatible
Inset/PiP modes are neat

The stand sucks. Wobbly as heck, plan to get a $30 VESA arm off Amazon.
Off-axis viewing is REALLY bad.
Disconnects when in power-save mode, scrambling your desktops if you run multimonitor. No DDC/DI controls to disable hotplug detect.

Mine died after less than a week. The power adapter was getting REALLY hot at the barrel connector. Spent over a solid month browbeating Samsung support into accepting that I had a warranty, only to have to ship the whole thing in. I then got a ransom-mail to the tune of $300 from their repair depot and had to browbeat some more “no, it IS under warranty”. Only to get a ‘one time allowance’.
Then they shipped it back to me in a hacked-up box with the wrong packing as they couldn’t be bothered to take off the (now even wobblier) stand. And sent back a power brick for a completely different product. It was literally just the power brick that needed to be replaced.

Absolute nightmare. Great when it works, but Samsung warranty support BLOWS.
If yours dies, NEVER use the words ‘refurbished’ or ‘used’. Only use the words FACTORY RECONDITIONED, specifically. If you use any other phrase, their crappy outsourced customer service department will put you through the same wringer I got to deal with.

I bought one from Woot a few months back. I really like the monitor. Bought the VESA adapter from Amazon and have it mounted on a two monitor mount. So far 100% pleased. I use a GTX980 graphics controller and have had no issues with ghosting at all. I’d buy another in a heartbeat.