Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor

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Samsung 28" 4K LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $249.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Bought this in previous sale. Really like it! I do a lot of video editing and it’s fantastic to see all of my audio and video tracks laid out and visible all at once. Woot!

I have this same monitor i bought brand new on black Friday for 269(brand new). They are great, I did have to RMA one of the 2 i bought but it was for a single dead pixel(or at this resolution it may have been a small group). Otherwise they are great. the joy stick control takes some getting used to but its the same as they use on their TV’s

I’m sure it’s sharp and clear, but you probably don’t want this if you use mostly text-intensive apps. because the font will be too small to read.

If “4K” is FOUR 1080p screens worth of resolution, you probably want the screen to be FOUR times larger than one you’re happy with the text size on. That’s probably around 42".

That can be solved by using the text scaling feature of the OS.

Or you could simply go to Control Panel / Display / and adjust the size of text and everything on your screen. Or simply adjust the resolution to one you like. Just because its 4K doesn’t mean you can’t run a plethora of lower resolutions that you are comfortable with.

Is This the model that supports freesync?

Or just buy a 60" Vizio for a few dollars more and mount it on the wall. I love my 60" 4K display.

I got one of these from the mothership on Prime day last year (new) - have to say that when I’ve got a headache and have to do work, I love the setting that reduces strain on your eyes. I wouldn’t recommend that for watching movies or playing games - but for times when I can’t take much , this built in setting is great.
I’ve had mine for a year and have loved it - would consider getting a second, but at this point I’m holding out for a 4K monitor/small TV with HDR to hook up to my Xbox & use as a my second monitor(to replace a 32" 1080p TV which currently fits that slot).

I had picked up one on Black Friday, as well. Loved it so much, couldn’t wait to grab another one. Got one from an earlier Woot! but now wish I had waited just a little bit. Paid $280 last month. :frowning:

Got this monitor on Woot! a while back.

THe only thing I don’t like about it is the placement of the VESA mount.

If you zoom in on the back view, you can see that it is at the very top of the monitor. I wanted to use this with a 27" monitor on a dual mount arm. The Samsung monitor was ridiculously low compared to the 27". The arm has adjustments for maybe +/- 0.5". This think needed about 6" of adjustment.

Keep that in mind if you go the VESA route.

I moved it to my HTPC, which only needs one monitor.

Because of the TN panel, the screen looks like garbage. I got this a few years back on Black Friday and wish I could get rid of it.

I’m holding out for the 32" 4k IPS models (or something even better) to come down. I can’t imagine losing my beautiful IPS color.

The reason I got an Acer 4K monitor instead of this one was because the stand is not adjustable. It’s just a plastic stand. The Acer has height, rotational, and panning adjustments.

Does this have the latest HDCP compliant protocol?

My phone is 1080p, so this slightly too small, but it works great.

Model number is the same as the one I got from a previous Woot, which does have Freesync. I use it with my Rx 380.

No it’s not 2.2

This is the newer “E” model (Woot has also sold an older “D” model) that supports HDMI 2.0 with 4K@60hz over HDMI in addition to DisplayPort. And it’s now $50 less than I paid.

It’s a beautiful display. But yes, if you work a lot with text, like I do, you may need to sit a lot closer to read it, unless you change the scaling. I leave it at 100%, since I like to be able to see more, and I just sit closer.

There may be a yet newer version, the LU28E590DS, but the leading L and trailing S may be seller variants - I found that model number on the Samsung website. It looks the same as this one. And it is listed for $399.99.