Samsung 29" Curved WFHD LED-Lit Monitor



WFHD as the title says on the S29E790C, or WQHD like the features say? The specs show a WFHD resolution.


It’s WFHD. Sale is fixed. Thanks!


Are all the pixels guaranteed to be functional on arrival?

Can I get some specifics on the included warranty/ optional warranty?

I’m a mechanical engineer with very low reading comprehension


I called support for information on warrantying dead pixels, for the 27" a return is authorized when you have 17 dead/stuck pixels under the new warranty and the rep verified that the 90 day refurb warranty has the same number as a criteria.
I’m not terribly pleased about that number, but they did answer the phone very quickly and while it did take some time to retrieve the info specifically on the refurb warranty also they were good about it.
I would assume they have a higher number for the larger sizes but since they had to put me on hold for each question I asked I didn’t check on that.


A 17-pixel warranty is absolutely absurd and possibly borders on illegal against fair trade laws even for refurbs. A 3-pixel return is the usual standard. Although at this resolution they could maybe get away with 5, but 17? No thanks is much rather pay a little more or just get the same refurb from the Mothership and have the better return policy.


I took a chance and pulled the trigger. Results coming in October but I really wish I had been patient and waited for your comment detailing the policy.

Fingers crossed. I even ordered $100 of random watches that day so I might have woot-wrecked myself


Anyone else have bad ghosting (motion blur) when playing games? It’s mostly noticeable with black objects in motion against a lighter colored background, the trail is very distracting. I think it might be a defect in my monitor but I’m not sure. I thought VA panels were suppose to have less ghosting than IPS? Because my old IPS panel never had this problem.


Hrrmmm. These have a 90 Day Samsung warranty. You might want to reach out to them; they may have some troubleshooting or insight.

If you need any extra help, please email with your situation and order details.


Thanks, but I called Samsung and they didn’t tell me much. Basically the only blurring they cover is if the monitor menu settings display is blurry. And that I would have to contact the place I purchased it from to get a replacement. I’m thinking it isn’t a defect and this monitor really just has a bad ghosting problem.