Samsung 29" Curved WFHD LED-Lit Monitor

I saw this offered on WootWatcher and on Twitter…29" for $149. WTF Woot?

Saw 29" on Wootie for 199. Click to order and price jumps to 299. What’s the deal?

Not 4k, not OLED. I’m waiting for better quality monitors to become cheap.

There’s a problem in our sale set up that caused it to grab a title of one of the monitors instead of the title of the event - Monitors. I’m sorry for the confusion.

Do you need a special Video Card?

Not necessarily. You just need a machine (laptop, desktop, etc.) with either HDMI or DP out at the native resolution of 2560 x 1080.

You would only need a powerful video card if you wanted to play games at that resolution: think GeForce 960 or above (or AMD equivalent) for medium graphics quality or better.

I have 2 of these and use them with a Mac Mini and occasionally a linux laptop. They’re great monitors. Don’t overlook the fact that you can split the screen and see two inputs on one monitor simultaneously. Also, the audio on these monitors is surprisingly good.

I also have one of these!
Great monitors other then the ghosting that is present if you use the “Faster” “Fastest” response times.
For some dumb ass reason these setting seem to do the opposite.