Samsung 3.1 340W Channel Soundbar with Wireless Sub

Samsung 3.1 340W Channel Soundbar with Wireless Sub

Shows (out of stock) at Sam’s club for $199, normal $249. So… Not a bad discount at all, BUT overstock has it for $169 from a third party seller. Clicky click

[MOD: As discussed by others below, it’s manufacturer refurbished so no different than our except it’s more expensive.]

You say that like the third party seller is less than Woot’s $135 offered here. :confused: What’s your point, chiseler?

How does this compare to the refurbished LG SH7B that was on woot for $93?

Overstock is new. Meaning this is only about 20% cheaper. For that little difference, I’d take new any day.

I hope you didn’t clicky click yet… The link you sent to Overstock says “Manufactured Refurbished” right in the product title!

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Except it is not new. it is Manufacturer Refurbished just like the one Woot is selling.

Um…you can buy this one today? …

They’re different brands and list their specs differently, so I didn’t want to waste too much time on your theoretical question making a spreadsheet. But from my quick perusal, they are similar and I would be tempted to buy the less expensive LG.



The LG just went OOS. I purchased it last week. Was asking to see if it was worth the extra bucks to exchange it. /shug

Exchange it? I wasn’t aware Woot handled buyer’s remorse purchases in that way.

Even though this one here today is a little fancier, and might have more options, I think the less expensive LG was a solid buy.