Samsung 32" Curved 4k UHD Monitor

Samsung 32" Curved 4k UHD Monitor

No Vesa mount! :<

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it would be great if it comes with USB C.

There are no USB connections. Per Samsung’s own site, I’m confused. It says 1 input - HDMI, but also says it comes with a DisplayPort cable. Now wondering if that means it comes with a DisplayPort to HDMI cable?

Found more information - it has HDMI and DisplayPort (v1.2). It does come with a DisplayPort cable only.

Yes, per the specs:

(1) HDMI 2.0
(1) mini DisplayPort
(1) 3.5mm jack

However, the refurbished models will likely not come with the cable. Just the power cord.

This was on Woot a few weeks ago for a few dollars more. We picked one up and like it a lot. Just bought a second.

It came with an HDMI cable. It also has a standard DisplayPort port, not Mini. Arrived in a Samsung box and appeared like new.

Got mine today. It’s absolutely phenomenal - a great monitor. Mine came with an HDMI cable as well.