Samsung 32" Curved Full-HD LED Monitor

Samsung 32" Curved Full-HD LED Monitor

This monitor is awesome! I have 3. Once you go curved, you’ll never go back to flat boring monitors.

32" is a great size and this deal is awesome. Refurb is mostly code for 'somebody ordered it but sent it back. Just got tested and repackaged, I’ve found. These are NEW!


If I didn’t already have two monitors, I’d probably jump for this.

How are they with gaming and video?

I’d previously picked up a Samsung SE310 24 inch non-curved and it… smudged… heavy motion.

Anyone know the refresh rate? Can’t do less than 144.

It’s 60Hz.

Wow, that’s an impressive setup. Does it give you a tan?

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Well, @canyontrader, except that you don’t know if these are new or what may have been done to refurbish these. :thinking:

Factory reconditioned always scares me.

Don’t buy it unless you can tolerate mediocrity.

This monitori looks great – except for the images on the screen. I bought one of these a year or so ago and was extremely disappointed by the “visual experience” and faulty control buttons. The screen resolution of a 32 inch screen needs to be higher than the 1920 x 1080 available on this monitor unless you can tolerate fuzzy fonts. It just didn’t have the sharpness to which I had grown accustomed on my previous Samsung monitors (the largest of which was 24-inches). Nothing could sharpen the text enough. In addition, the buttons controlling the screen’s menus were faulty (could just be bad luck) and rarely worked. Fortunately, accepted the return and I purchased the 32-inch Samsung S32D850T flat screen LED monitor with a higher 2590 x 1440 resolution. It was well worth the moderately higher price.

So if you can tolerate the less sharp image - go for this which sounds like a refurbished model given the short 90-day warranty (new Samsung monitors have at least a 1 year warranty - and Samsung is very good about honoring its warranties on monitors). But if you type a lot of text on your computer, this model isn’t up to the task. You’ve been warned.


The one I got did not have a tilt screen and I have to prop up the legs with AA batteries to get a good view.

Why the heck do manufacturers manufacture monitors as weak as this? 32 inch displays should be default resolution of 4k at minimum. It seems a complete waste to produce these when those superior monitors exist for a couple hundred more.

Try Windows Clear Type

I have a 46" Viewsonic Commercial Display Monitor (1080p) from Woot! and Clear Type works great
I’m not saying it’s as good as ‘whatever’ but I have no problems with text after running Clear Type

Yeah I would hope that you could get a superior monitor if you double or triple the price. When you start your hardware company you can make all your 32 inch monitors 4K. I imagine a lot of the people who are buying this monitor aren’t spending hours upon hours on these everyday. The target market for these are people with limited space that want something that can be used as a monitor and video display or the 45+ home user who is not going to be working on them for more than a hour or so at a time.

This really helps. Much appreciated! Now they are even better.

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These monitors have been on the market for quite a while. 4k wasn’t really a thing when these were designed. They do have a new 4k UHD for $500… so there is that.

However, for the price-point, these are amazing monitors. No, they certainly are not the latest and greatest tech, but they are big and affordable and curved… curves are awesome.

True, but they certainly aren’t like the scratch & dent cell phones sold on here. I used to work for amazon in their Inventory Control/Quality Assurance dept. A lot of these refurb items are simply returns that were opened, but barely used. More of an ‘open box’ item than true refurb. (not to say there aren’t refurb items, but, for the savings, I’ll still get it… and it’s still returnable.

Actually, I don’t game much right now. So, I haven’t ‘tested’ it for that. I just like lots of screen real-estate so I don’t have to play with tabs that much. It’s a totally different experience and I feel like I’m in a command center. It’s just cool (to me at least). I wanted to have an additional 3 monitors on top of this, but my computer is ancient (with a lot of upgrades over the years… it’s a frankenputer). I just don’t have the plugs for more, but there are solutions out there, just that they are expensive.