Samsung 32" Curved Full-HD LED Monitor

Samsung 32" Curved Full-HD LED Monitor

Why would I want a monitor that cannot show a straight line?


It does show a straight line. I have this very monitor and it is great. The curve is very subtle and you don’t notice it when viewing the screen. What you do notice, though, is a much better viewing area that doesn’t strain your eyes. I wouldn’t want to go back to a flat screen, personally.


I’ll bet “flickerkuu” was trying to be funny with his observation !
What’s really great is, if ya have enough of these to put all around you,
all you’ll ever see is a circle !

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Save your money buy 4k


I bought this from Woot! back in May 2018, I paid $189.99. Even though I only use it for day to day computing, I love this monitor, no regrets!


"It does show a straight line. "

Not from above! :thinking:

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Does this have VESA mount capabilities?

I bought this monitor back in May also.
I spend a lot of time staring at the screen and this has greatly reduced eye strain for me.

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It’s an ok monitor --using it right now. Agree with the above poster who mentioned spending a bit more for 4k. It’s big enough that content and particularly print looks pixelated. Not awful but just not quite high enough resolution for the size.

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The specs say no.

This is a great monitor for people with declining eyesight.

The native 1080HD resolution shows everything nice and large.

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Try using Microsoft Cleartype or LCD Font Smoothing on Macintosh

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Couldn’t pass this deal up. I spent $200+ for a 24 inch version of this monitor a couple months ago (and it’s been an excellent monitor) and I’ll never go back to a flat monitor again, if I can help it.

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Ideally, yes. But if you’re on a budget like me, this monitor works very well.

Like pupyluvr wrote, you might not have smooth edges of screen fonts enabled. This page has instructions on how to enable it in Windows 10:

Seems like a huge monitor for only 1080p. I have used a 27" 1080p monitor and it had “screen door” effect from the pixels being so far apart.

I can honestly say I haven’t noticed anything like that on this monitor.

Yanno, not too long ago people said not to waste money on 1080p at 32" that 720p was enough. Now these same guys are saying go 4k at 32".

Personally I think 32" monitors are terrible. I prefer 1440p over 4k due to the higher frame rate achievable. 120hz - 144hz is amazing. 30-60hz is disgusting after you’ve tried better.

C27HG70 is amazing 1440p/144hz curved.