Samsung 32" Curved Full-HD LED Monitor

Samsung 32" Curved Full-HD LED Monitor

I’ll comment on these every time they come up. You can’t beat this monitor for the price in terms of size/picture quality. Sure, they’re not 4k or otherwise going to compete with a high-end gaming monitor. But for day-to-day use, I absolutely can’t fault them.

I bought the same one at Costco for $9 but it wasn’t a refurbished. It’s a great monitor.

What’s the appeal of such a large screen with only 1080p? Is it for “old eyes” (like mine are rapidly becoming)?

$9? That’s a pretty good deal! Do you have a link? :wink:

I purchased one from Costco for my son. Cost me $179 on sale. It’s a great monitor.

I have 1 of these and 2 more for 3 multimonitors wraparound… 96 inches of glorious monitor.

While not super hd and shizzle, it’s a monitor. It’s a very good monitor for a very good price… and it’s curved. 1080p is not a detriment on this size. Anyone else who says different is lying because they bought a different brand for $600 for a virtually nonexistant improvement in quality.

Whoa. I have monitor envy.

I wouldn’t say I have “old eyes” yet, but it allows me to sit back comfortably in my chair while I work rather than being hunched over my desk all day. My back thanks me more than my eyes.