Samsung 32" Curved Full-HD LED Monitor

Samsung 32" Curved Full-HD LED Monitor

Bought two of these last time. They work fine for people that need to use large fonts, but are only 1920 x 1080 - so not for high detail work.

Power cord is nonstandard.
No standard visa mount in the back; only the legs you see.

Adequate. What do you expect at this price point.


I WISH I BOUGHT 2! :ok_hand: Perfect for my WFH set up, but wish I had 2 now. *Note to self: Always go with your gut. Use the Force wisely.
Great for multiple windows simultaneously. Spreadsheets, Excel, Word, ext. I wouldn’t recommend it for detailed artwork. It doesn’t have fine pixel enhancements. But,HolyCows! It’s an Awesome deal. Don’t let the “refurbished” tag freak you out. It comes with a 90 Samsung Warranty, and the picture quality is amazing.
Buy 2! :boom: Boom :boom: !

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