Samsung 32" Curved LED Monitor - C32F391

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Samsung 32" Curved LED Monitor - C32F391
Price: $229.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Sep 25 to Thursday, Sep 28) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Will it support itself without the stand? The stand makes it too big for my desk… :frowning:

Terrible deal. $249 at my local Sam’s and was reduced to $199 not too long ago

Sams Club today

members only pricing today
So, if you spotted it at $199 …
that was a great deal

If you use this as a PC monitor keep in mind the resolution is only 1080p so things are going to look quite large on a PC. For the price though it’d be great for Netflix, or gaming.

I recently bought one of these for gaming (not from Woot). Even if it is 1080p it is still very satisfying to look at. The motion blur is killer on certain games but can be adjusted by messing around with the settings in the monitor. Very nice to watch movies and shows. Overall a very good buy for me at $250.

I like Samsung monitors and have purchased a few as refurbs here on Woot. Currently I’m using the 27" version of today’s monitor, except that mine is a 500-Series with 2 HDMI ports whereas today’s is a 300-Series with one HDMI and one Displayport input.

The 300-Series has a wider bezel as you can see in the photos (even though the screen image is simulated), but this one has attachment points for a wall mount that mine does not.

The picture is very clear and there are settings galore to improve whatever you may want and to reduce motion blur. For larger monitor sizes I find myself lowering the brightness to more comfortable levels. I was unsure about the curved screen initially but now I find I like it a lot. Another benefit is that this monitor runs very cool - the power supply is separate from the monitor itself which helps reduce heat and weight.

I should also point out that while the screen does tilt slightly back and forth for comfort, the overall height is not adjustable.

For a mid-level user such as myself these monitors are great.

Still at $199 “in club” by me.

1080 is terrible resolution for a screen this size. You’ll be able to see individual pixels.

60hz FYI - Good for a general use monitor, would not recommend for gaming

Hi Folks, I was wondering if there was a monitor and or a set up that allowed a monitor to mount to a wall that was 90* in front of a business style desk…or stated another way a monitor and mount that the arm of the mount would be to the left or right of a desk & monunted to that wall bringing the monitor screen in front of the person sitting aat the desk. I hope that makes any kind of sense.


Nic Walker

Hey Nic, not sure exactly what setup you’re looking for, but there’s definitely a mount you can customize for any situation. Start by googling “vesa monitor mount” hit up the image section, and see if you can find something that might work.

You can get arms with multiple points of movement, rotating mounts, anything you need. Just make sure you display you want to use with it has VESA mounting holes on it (most will, but it will be in the specs list usually)

So like this?

As noted by NDuncanson above, what you’re looking for is a VESA wall mount – one with a long enough extension to reach from the wall to at least the center of where the individual will be sitting.

Do make sure that whatever mount you’re considering will have the proper holes for mounting this monitor [Specs > Features: Wall-Mount (Size mm): 75.0 x 75.0 mm)].

If you choose a different monitor, make sure it is VESA mountable; not all monitors are.

My story and I’m sticking to it.

I ordered two of these from Woot last week. They cam in in 2 days, amazing.

One was perfect. A very nice monitor in fact.

The other one was cracked. Called Woot, they are replacing it at no cost to me for any shipping.

Cool monitors with very cool simple service when I had a problem.