Samsung 32" 1080p LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi

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Samsung 32" 1080p LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi
Price: $269.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Mar 14 to Monday, Mar 17) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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2/21/2014 - $279.99 (Woot Plus)

I have a 55 version of this, and I don’t know how I watched TV before it. The great apps, the “What’s On” suggestions, and the ability to stream movies from my server directly to it make it perfect for my needs.

I would pass on refurbished tvs on woot my wife bought one a month ago and we are having problems with it. The screen is flickering occasionally. I understand woot has a 90 day warranty but you have to pay the return shipping. Shipping a tv is VERY expensive the cost of returning it and the hassle blows any savings that may have been had. And why should I have to pay to ship back a defective product that should have never been sent to me in that condition. Want a TV go to the store and buy one. Just my opinion

Thank you for the review.

This is the TV I want for our bedroom, but the cost reduction for this refurb isn’t enough to make me pull the trigger once I price-checked a new one over at Wally World.

are these smart tvs touch?

Is this something that’s unique to TVs or other really large items? I’ve had to return items before, and I’ve never had to pay return shipping. Woot has always provided a prepaid label.

$299.99 for a new one.
$397.98 for the current version with dual core processor. The dual core is a great improvement over the single core. ( my girlfriend has the older version in 50" I have the current version in 46")

remote controlled or via push buttons on set. It also has an iOS app, check version for correct TV set.(use your iPhone/iTouch/iPad to control it.)
The Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad works well with both models.

I can offer a counterpoint. At a previous job, we’d often use refurbed TVs from Woot, and rarely had issues. Refurbs are always a bit of a risk, but Woot, at least in my experience, has a pretty good track record.

It depends if it’s received defective or the problem occurs outside our 21-day Return Policy.

The Woot Warranty is pretty much standard for most retailers.

I have this TV and DO NOT LIKE IT! It seems smart, but in reality, it is quirky and finicky. It has its good and bad days.


  • good picture quality
  • I love being able to plug an external hard drive or thumb drive in and play a movie.
  • I like having youtube built-in.

Cons: pretty much everything else.

Buy a non-smart TV and a Roku:
Roku allows you to go to netflix, amazon, hulu, etc directly. The Samsung Smart TV uses apps for those services and you go through samsung servers to get to netflix, amazon, hulu, etc. This creates a lag time and if samsung servers are having problems, it doesn’t work. At least once a week, I have problems getting to netflix or hulu (odd “server errors”). I usually have to do a factory reset or at least unplug the TV and replug it in.

Web browser shabby and need universal remote with keyboard and mouse
We thought it would be great to get to the internet directly through the TV, but it’s not! You cannot do anything with videos through, not enough memory. Also, if you have ever tried using the arrow buttons on your remote as a mouse and then spelling everything one letter at a time . . . it is not fun!

Sound unpredictable levels and awful in a cabinet
We bought the 32" because it fit almost perfectly in our cabinet. However, the speakers are on the back and are muffled by the cabinet meaning that for some shows, we have the volume a 100. Then you change the channel and get blasted by really loud sound. Granted, I could get a sound bar, but shouldn’t have to.

**non universal remote **
Whose idea was it to include a complicated remote but not give it features for cable or a DVD player? I am now back to three remotes and not happy.

**Samsung support support is LOUSY **
Every time I report the problems related to netflix and hulu, all they do is ask for the model number and the version of firmware . . . and then they never get back with a solution.

Buy a dumb TV, a roku, and a universal roemote!

I’ve been looking for a 32" Samsung for my bedroom for a while since Samsung is the only brand that still has a built in scheduler so that it can act as an alarm. The added plus of having NetFlix and other apps is a nice feature that wasn’t a necessity for me for the bedroom. Unfortunately the NetFlix and other apps are not available to wake up to, from what I can tell from the manual, or that would be even more of a plus. It is a little above what I budgeted, but not by much.

No one likes the consumer device that has to be the smartest in the room. In corporate America, at least. Just sayin’.

This TV makes an amazing 32 inch monitor!. I got this a few weeks ago off woot (for $10 more) and love it!. The color is bright and refresh rate is well with in the norm for video gaming.

The smart TV part Is funky yes, but I have yet to find a system interface that’s not. It works well once you understand what it can do for you. (no xfinity app :frowning: )

Also… Samsung app on (most?) android phone lets me control the TV way after ive lost the remote.

@gizmovision, Ouch. And that new price of $299.99 is from mother Amazon so shipping is free with Prime.

I like the TV a lot (we paid $394 for the 40 inch version), but who would not pay $25 more (delivered) to get a new one?

I’d rather get the new one for $299 on amazon.

Over at Wally World, I get $332.34 before California sales tax and a shipping charge of $2.97. I had to check out to see the price. The regular price on a new one over there is $499.99. Amazon Prime has new ones for $299.99, so, IF you’re a Prime member (me!) free shipping if you can wait two days.

Gotta call 'em as I see 'em; not such a hot deal today my Wooty! friend.