Samsung 32" 720p LCD or LED HDTV

**Item: **Samsung 32" 720p LCD or LED HDTV
Price: $179.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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whoohoo!! I see my mad lib word!

What’s up with the 720 TVs? You’d think a LED TV would be 1080.

Am I just crazy or is it really hard to justify spending more than $100 for a non-1080p TV/monitor nowadays? Especially one this big?

Not just you

LED has nothing to do with resolution.

It’s a 32" screen, there is no need for 1080P

I know that, I was referring to LED as a modern TV and why a modern TV would be anything but 1080. Just because you can barely notice the difference hasn’t stopped a single company from pushing products anyway.

Prob because it is cheaper to manufacture.

Thank you! Thank you!

I’m pretty ignorant about TV quality. Is this one any good and which is better LCD or LED?

LED has lower power consumption.

No TV station in the USA or Canada broadcasts in 1080p. It’s either standard def, 720p or 1080i, so there is no need for this.

Cable, dish and VIOS/Uverse compress their signals even more than over the air so you’re not getting 1080p anyway.

The only use for 1080p would be a BluRay or very high def new game.

Broadband for 1080p is enormous and with data caps, it would easily run your cap up.

At 32" you can’t tell anyway. High def is a reality but marketed as a gimmick for people that bought it.

Really outside of sports or nature programs most programming is upscaled or not needed. I mean is Seinfeld any funnier if it’s clearer. Is the news any more informative if you can see every Anchorperson’s pores?

Since the FCC plans to repack the spectrum and the current digital TV, which we switched to in 2009 is so hopelessly outdated already, it makes little sense to make 1080p in any quantities till the next digital standard comes out.

Why do people insist upon “at X” you can’t notice." That’s not true. That’s one factor in the equation. The other factor is distance. For a 32" TV the generally accepted principle is that you can tell 1080 vs 720 from any distance under 6’.

So please, stop with the “you can’t tell the difference.” You absolutely can if you’re within 6 feet. Many people will use this from farther away. Many will use it closer and not care. But why lie and say “no one can tell the difference” when that isn’t factually accurate?

@EricPost, actually, that is not accurate.

  1. While the average TV watcher @10-12 feet won’t notice, the difference closer in @5-6 feet is very obvious. Try it.

  2. For use also as a PC monitor a 1080p spec gets you 1920x1080 resolution vs mediocre 1366x768 for the 720p spec.

Only $65 more for 1080p (199.99+5) or (269.99+free)

Comes with better speakers too

From this, I’m thinking LCD. It seems LCD is also LED, just with LCD added:

Only? For the same size, same brand and also refurbished?

perhaps someone can educate me if i am wrong, but i find this woot contributes to misinformation. I have heard people who think they know about TV’s compare LED to LCD like this woot does. However, aren’t they both LCD televisions whereas the ‘LCD’ model is lit by an older lamp, and the ‘LED’ television is lit by a panel of LED’s laid out in a grid. Is there any type of difference in the panel used that depends on the light source?