Samsung 32" 720p LCD or LED HDTV

Some additional info and great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the LED model can be found over at

Good reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) on the LCD model over at amazon

Some additional info and very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) on the LCD model can be found over at

I actually have this exact model. It’s awesome being able to throw some shows on a flash drive, plug the drive in, and play them directly on the TV. This thing plays pretty much anything you can play in VLC, even MKV files.

I have two of these (LED). Nice picture and all around nice tv. A few things to consider…
Only flash drives work in the usb. Possible an externally powered hard drive as well but a large usb powered portable will not.
Also there is no audio output of any kind. I use this in my 5th wheel and it sucks not being able to run it through my surround.

Does this thing have a VESA mount or some way to hang it on the wall?

I looked at the LED version over at Newegg ($209) and their photos show what looks like a VESA 100 pattern on the back

oops - sorry, the pictures look like 200 x 200. But yes, you can mount this on a wall

Only one of these models play compatible videos via USB. The 32D will only display JPEG photos.

Who were these refurbished by? Samsung?

Here’s the user manual, I believe it is the same one for both woot TVs (403-LCD & 4003-LED series):

(Shows VESA mount capability for both TV’s.)

Edit: while the above manual shows 403 & 4003 series on its cover, the following manual shows 4003 & 5003 series (both via Samsung’s site):

@mcampbell75, no way to know who refurbed them since woot calls them “refurb” and shows a woot warranty.

IF they had been refurbed by Samsung, woot would have claimed so and shown a Samsung warranty.

They are not factory reconditioned. They are refubished by a third party.


Can’t imagine a reason why it would be worth saving $20 to go with the LCD model.

LCD model has lower feature set (although for the average person minimal difference), huge bezel, is fat, and less energy efficient.

Would expect $30-40 LCD/LED price difference for refurbs.

BTW, it is easy to oversell the energy savings. Per the EPA labels for these models, the LED model uses less than half the electricity. Sounds great. But the total annual estimated operating costs are $6 and $15. I suppose if you extrapolate the difference over 5 years it gets more interesting @ a $45 savings for LED. Would likely be a more material difference on larger size TVs.

Appears the LED units are sold out…

[MOD: Indeed they are.]

I actually just mounted this in my 5th wheel. It takes a Visa 200 mount.I used this one ($28, worked nicely)

I also have one, that I like EXCEPT for the ‘output’ problem - I finally used a toslink cable routed thru a DirecTV box, then back to a Onyko receiver so I can hear better speakers

The first tv I got was broken. The annoying red lines were shinning on the screen. Your website said not cover the shipping cost so I sent it to the repair department. And finally they did not cover it either, it costed me 70 dollars in shipping. And at last with the in total more than 1.5 times a new one price, I still get a refurbished&broken rubbish back. I will never buy stuff on your website any more and so do my friends.