Samsung 32" SD850 WQHD Monitor with Vivo Stand

Samsung 32" SD850 WQHD Monitor with Vivo Stand

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what is the refresh rate?

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Refresh is 60Hz. More here:

Appears to be a flat panel; the Vivo stand is a nice +1

Can you get a square trade warranty with the monitor purchase? And will this work with a surface pro docking station? Thanks

Hi there. We’re unable to offer SqTr warranties at this time due to technical difficulties (aka Flash).

As to the dock, if it has one of the monitor ports, it should work.

Is there a link to info on the Vivo Stand?

I think i answered my own question:

From Samsung website, this is a 60 htz refresh rate screen. 32" LED Monitor Monitors - LS32D85KTSR/ZA | Samsung US

60Hz and not IPS, this would be great for my elderly mother.

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Can you get any type of extended warranty other than the 90 day one?

You can look on your own for other plans but we do not have anything to offer at this time. Sorry.

I’ve had the same monitor as my work-issued daily monitor for a couple years now - went back to the office in August of last year to pick up the monitor and my chair as they both were approved for telework around that time - much improved over my 24"/1080p thrift store monitor. Tempted to pick up another for if/when WFH status ends. Also, I can’t even tell there is a VESA mount under the shroud on the back of the original monitor - the manufacturer’s stand is fine for me, but I don’t suppose these refurbished would come with it.

They come with a VIVO Single Monitor Stand.

All Premium Recertified™ equipment is in good to excellent condition (unless otherwise noted), carries our 90-day hardware warranty, and is refurbished (tested and cleaned) by our trained Premium Recertified™ technicians. Our technicians run meticulous hardware diagnostics and thoroughly inspect every recertified product. Items with remaining manufacturer warranties are covered by the manufacturer as the primary service provider.

This is the only warranty they offer