Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps

So, this is where I get in line for the apps, right?

Missing picture of the rear end makes me wonder what kind of diapers it takes.

Horrific reviews on Amazon.

Just what I was looking for, but the last time I bought a refurb dvd player from Woot, I didn’t use it till 6 months after I got it and it never worked. Left with a giant paperweight.

Amazon user rating is 2 stars. Id be careful anyone that buys this thing

Heres the link if you want to see

Costco - Saturday $100 NEW - bought it for the “web browser”. Returning to Costco tommorow. nuff said.
As blu-ray / netflix machine its great.

I picked this up the last time it was offered. It works fine. My Netflix and other video streaming would cut out sometimes but that was because of my POS internet service CLEAR, not the player. I have better internet now and it works like a dream.

That’s pretty much how it goes. If I use it right away, stuff works. If I wait and use it later, there isn’t a snowball’s chance it will light up like It’s supposed to.

The reviews on Samsung’s site are much better and there are more of them than on Amazon.

Jeepers mister! 81 comments last time she was here

I’m reading that this model’s web browser doesn’t support flash? Is that accurate or just from a disgruntled Amazon customer?

Amazon reviews
Samsung reviews
Walmart reviews

Sheesh! What is it with amateur scientists these days? Yes, there is a ray inside this gadget, in the form of a laser beam (the best kind of ray short of phaser, which hasn’t been invented yet.)

What shade of blue is the Blu-ray?


And since it’s 3D, that means we can look at the ray from all sides, right?

Of course it’s 3D, it’s a Real Object, all real objects are three-dimensional, and you can walk around them. Although there’s been some discussion as to whether reality is actually 11-dimensional or possibly two-dimensional.

If I reach into the ray, will it burn my hand?

There isn’t enough room inside the mechanism to insert your hand. And if you extracted the laser the from the unit, it probably couldn’t harm skin, but it would mess up your eyes.

Oh, wait did you say “player”? So are we talking about an athlete?

No, we’re talking about present audio and video to a small audience from encoded data pressed into the surface of a plastic disk, a process known as “playing” the disk.

You’re welcome.

of course theyre better

My PS3 just tanked(YLOD) so this should be a good substitute for movies until I fix my aging PS3:( On a side note, Can anybody tell me if I should just by a new PS3 or send mine into Sony to fix?(My PS3 is a fatty and plays PS2 games)

Geesh! Reading the Poor reviews on Amazon makes me wonder why anyone would buy this model. I guess that’s why there are so many casinos in the mid-Atlantic.

I paid about 2/3 what sony would charge to have my (also fatty w/PS2) PS3 re-balled (not just re-flowed like some cheaper “shops” do) by a 3rd party, works like new, that was over a year ago now.

I am still in the same boat as you though, my second (slim) PS3 (used just for bluray) started grinding and scratching the crap out of discs, so I am in the market for something like this, but with these reviews I am not sure this is the one to go with :-/

This is a very slow machine. Prepare to witness your hair grow while waiting for Netflix to load. Blu-ray functions as expected. On screen keyboards are very un-friendly. Image quality is very good.

The BD-E5900 rocks… not sure why this one is a dud… though, the apps and browsing is sluggish on E5900… otherwise great machine that was also a $69 woot.

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