Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps

People do not seem to like this on amazon.

Customers do seem to love it on the Samsung website.

Does anybody know if this model can be DVD region free? Blu-ray zones are fine as-is, but I need to play US and Japanese DVDs on it.

Remote control is listed but not pictured. Wonder what it looks like?

I bought one of these and they suck!! It doesn’t work and when you contact Samsung, they act like they don’t know what the matter is. I got mine from QVC and it is on its way back to them. Go to QVC and read all of the terrible reviews!!!

You won’t like it either!

Of course they would, that is because it is their web site…look at QVC and Amazon.

Very, very poor internet connections on this
samsung BD. Slooooow. I have an older LG, and it’s gold compaired to this. Thank God for Costco and returns

Can you give some specific information to help other wooters?

It sucks, actually works for me. Terrible reviews on two major sites is more than enough. Having to read anymore would just seem old fashioned.
No need for more specifics.

I just got one and it did not play any of my DVD’s/Blue ray. The menus and remote were confusing. Internet access was slow. I have 30M down and it took a lot of time to go from one menu to the next since it always wanted to access the internet.

Ummm… Do they have to be Active. What about those of us with the 3D TV’s that use polarized glasses? No cookie? But why?

Take this for what it’s worth as I have an older model of this (BD-C5500)

I’ve played maybe 40 DVD’s through this in 2+ years. No problems.
Sounds a bit clunky inside when I do…but they play.

I mainly used it for netflix & for networking video files off my computer (I forget the technical
It plays most of the widely used video formats (avi,mkv,mpg,wmv,etc)

So for a cheap media box it does what I need it too do.

It seems like a small thing, but where is the picture of the connectors(i.e. the back). It is the only way of knowing for sure if the specs are correct. Couldn’t find one photo when I did a web search. Not even Samsung had a photo of the back on their product page. Had to download the manual(pdf) to find artwork of the back.

Audio is only 2 channels.

Another thing I noticed was this player doesn’t list even one audio format it will play, not even music CDs or MP3s.

Along with the the other cons listed here by the community, I 'll pass.

Samsung stacks the odds in their favor. I posted to Samsung’s Facebook page, a honest review of the quality of the Samsung factory refurb Bluray player that I bought from Woot! A Samsung rep promptly deleted it and then contacted me via email. After they would not own up to replacing the refurb, I posted again and that too was deleted.

Do not buy Samsung refurbs as Samsung will not stand behind them even if they are factory refurbished.

OK have to remember that: SamSung = Sacks Sucks

I not sure of all the hate on this one. I picked up the “Samsung Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi” referb from the last woot off and I love it. The player can connect to a networked pc and play all your media from the PC, as well as a portable hard drive…where I have my “backed-up” movies.

I bought a similar Samsung bluray player (not sure if this exact model) and after half an hour of messing around with the “apps” stuff still couldn’t get Netflix to work with it. Worse, the remote would only work with a Samsung TV – no capability to enter codes for other mainstream TV models. So if that matters to you be sure to check that out before buying this model. Fortunately I was able to return it. Good riddance.

1998 called. It wants its VCR back.