Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps

**Item: **Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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OK reviews (3.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Check out some additional info over at

Bought this last time around. For my application, bedroom use, it works good. Wi-fi connection is good, hasn’t failed yet. Apps run slow so if you are someone that needs instant gratification this is not the player for you.

Overall I am happy with my purchase

one more, if your looking for comments from non-woot-off or woot plus, when it filled it for sellout.woot afternoon after another product sold out–9 comments

that’s all I can do. good night.

thanks much. saw you’re busy tonight. know that we appreciate all the extracurricular effort you do.

it is very much appreciated. what do you mean you saw he was busy? is he a woot worker?

Won’t work. I’ve still got an analog audio system. If woot ever decides to sell a decent BD player instead of just transports, I’ll buy one.

Does this have BD live on it? I know most wi-fi players do, I find that a cool feature.

A more detailed comment might be of help here. Can’t determine what issue you’re tring to raise here.

Reviews seems to say amazon prime instant video won’t work on it…anyone know otherwise?

Does your TV have analog sound out? The other option is that if your TV only has optical out, you can use this digital to analog converter $17

That is correct. Amazon prime video is NOT supported on this unit.
The only Samsung Blu-ray that support Amazon VOD are:

The model today is the

I still bought one though. This player is normally going for $120-$140. It is 3D capable (a function I probably won’t use- but a premium function anyway). I use Netflix, so the Amazon VOD isn’t a big deal for me. I like the fact that it has a front display- many of the cheaper units omit that now.

So basically this is a great deal that I highly recommend …unless you need to have Amazon video on demand- in that case this will NOT work.

nope, just something that was mentioned in another forum.

something to the effect of, “work is really busy tonight.”

The description states that for 3D viewing “Active glasses and content required”. It will work with Passive 3D TVs as well. I’ve got this player hooked up to my 47" Vizio Razor Smart TV with Theater 3D. The 3D viewing experience is no different than on my PS3 ~ looks great!

The pre-installed Samsung Store offers streaming 3D movies to buy or rent.

An Amazon app would be nice but is not necessary. Maybe. In theory, you can stream content by accessing your Amazon account using the browser. I say “in theory” because the player seems to get stuck in forever load mode once I select my video. I am suspecting my inferior wifi set up to be the the problem. Netflix does stream as it should.

I am using a USB Logitech keyboard with the player and it works fine.

I bought this player during the last Woot-Off and really, really like it. We don’t know each other well enough to call it “love” just yet.

Thanks dude that was on my mind ! next purchase a 3D TV


Technically, Woot, the “r” in “Blu-ray” is supposed to be lower-case, so either your writeup isn’t quite clever enough or you missed an opportunity for some seriously esoteric humor. Nevertheless, it was a solid effort, and I would probably enjoy the Blur-Ray player.

when they say “smart phone compatible” they mean exclusively Samsung phones. Effing richard heads. so the groovy phone control & streaming is only available if paired with shitesung phones

Is this region free?