Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps

**Item: **Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Hummm I need a blue ray player but don’t need the 3D, tempting.

If anyone has this unit, have you had success with playing MKV (3D or just HD) files off of a USB drive?

I have yet to try that. Sounds like a great experiment though to see if that would work.

A couple people posted in the last thread that they didn’t know what they were looking for for the BOCs.

You’re looking in the box in the upper-right where the writer’s blurb would usually be. It’s not on every sale.

Here’s an example from an earlier sale. Don’t try it, it’s already sold out.

Does anyone know the refresh rate on this device?

Does it show up that clearly? How could you miss it?

Got this earlier,

OK blu-ray player
Slow as hell Netflix/Youtube/Hulu player.

Takes like 2-3 seconds each button press to navigate the menu on the apps.

Its good for that tv in the corner of you house still rocken a dvd player but not what I would want as a central entertainment device.

Yup. That clearly. The only way you can miss it is if that sale doesn’t have one. It’ll show on the main page where I showed you or on the sale page below the “Add to cart” button.

Because when they say ‘somewhere on the page’ people start looking everywhere and to have to search the entire page every new sale in case it pops up in the disclaimer at the bottom if the page is a bit silly

Bought this a month ago and LOVE it. The player works with both active and passive 3D glasses - looks great with my passive 3D Vizio! Netflix streams very nicely and there is a full internet browser built in. The player does not support flash so you will not be able to stream from Amazon. Logitech USB keyboards with or without a mouse work well with this. Bluetooth thingies will not work.

would it only appear on the main page or can it show up on the other woot-off items?

I didn’t have this model, but an older Samsung bluray player I had had no problem playing mkv files.

I’ve seen this on Woot! about 20 times now. If you don’t buy , don’t cry because they’ll bring it back again. Seriously though…how many of these did Samsung make and thought they would sell? There must have been a lot of Samsung overstock.

3D is great for the movie theaters…not really worth it at home unless you have a complete sound system, large screen, and you really enjoy the 3D aspects.

Anyway, I’m looking for a region free player, and I don’t think there are any hacks for this one unfortunately.

I have also purchased this from woot in the past, and it is a good player for the price. The UI of the apps is pretty slow, so don’t expect it to perform as well as a Roku for internet apps. It has 3D if you need it, and wifi too. Also, one of the apps you can use is Plex, which is pretty cool for streaming media from a PC in your home.

READ the reviews on amazon for this player, they are terrible. Looks like there is alot of trouble updating this player, and I don’t believe it comes with Netflix or the usual…just do some research first!

I bought this a few weeks back. I’ve been extremely satisfied with Woot overall, but this particular refurb was, well, really a refurb. The player that I received was dirty and smudged with fingerprints, had more than the usual amount of surface scratches on the top and the display face, and some funk/toejam/ok probably battery acid in the remote control battery compartment. Machine works fine and as advertised, but I was surprised by the appearance. I’ve bought refurbs from Woot before, and virtually every other time the quality of the product was as if the product was brand new. Not this time, but YMMV. Also agree on an earlier comment - navigating the apps menu and getting them to load is a painfully S-L-O-W process, but it’s not meant to be a Roku or an AppleTV I guess. Still love ya though, Woot.

True, I did the research and read those reviews, but still decided to buy it. Most of the reviews are prior to a firmware update that fixed a lot of issues. Also, most of those people paid twice as much as it costs here. Most complaints revolve around the apps and web browser. I haven’t seen a single TV or Blu-ray player with internet apps that has a nice smooth UI. If you want apps, buy a Roku.

I have this machine - Netflix, Pandora and several other apps are definitely pre-installed on the main app menu.