Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps

**Item: **Samsung 3D Blu-ray Player with Apps
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Joined today. First woot. Fishy indeed.


This pretty much sums up my feelings on woot right now.

Got to “Proceed to checkout” about eight times so far, to be told that the BOC had sold out. Got a yellow Place Order button twice, to be told I was on the wait list, which of course means “screwed”. That’s enough for me; it’s way past time for dinner.

The annoying thing is, the typical number of BOCs sold per Woot-Off used to be 3000. There’s no way there are 3000 different items in a two-day Woot-Off; it’s 576 if each one takes five minutes to sell out, so selling 5 BOCs per item would be about right. C’mon, Woot, stop getting stingy on us.

anyone thinking only about 10-20 people are getting these using multiple accounts?

Oh this place is totally fishy. Thats why I keep coming back every day. That and the hopes of getting a bag-o-crap.

My advice to you is this. When you see the bag, don’t hesitate. BUY BUY BUY

Update: Just noticed you joined May 11, 2011. :stuck_out_tongue:

Instead of Remove PRIME MINISTER, they should say Remove WRENCHED ANKLE

or would Hasbro get mad?

except that screams automated buying bot. very tempted to go back to the other bocs and see who else bought from Florida.

Funny it says you joined May 11, 2011.

One BOC at a time? really? I give up. I don’t have a great computer with awesome internet. Guess I’m out of “luck”.

I’ve no idea. I got one a few woots back from a lot of luck and sheer persistence and I live in NY so I’ve got a trip to the servers. I’m not sure if it is possible to bot them in a timely manner with this at times infuriating copy paste game, but I imagine if someone is silly enough to try and use the same credit card for each order, they will be rightfully cancelled since it is limit one.

Seriously. Another first woot and joined today?

Woot, I hope you’re paying attention to those addresses and cancel orders on these people. I got mine yesterday, but that’s seriously not fair to everyone else.

as I stare at each item, this woot-off, these words from U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday run through my mind over and over: “make it go away…”

I wasn’t referencing my fishy body and if you look I’ve ordered 3-9. 8 if you want to be picky. I was referencing the fact that when a straight copy/paste url comes up an account that has not had any other purchases, created today, purchased the bag URL.

You ought to be a detective

Or send them a box of dog poo.

At least going through a bunch of the puzzle ones it looks like it’s going to veterans of woot who actually order quite a bit so bravo to that.

Bought one of these retail last year. Love it. Bought one for $50 on Woot earlier this year… Will look like a pricy gift come December