Samsung 40" 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

This exact model number is on Amazon brand new for $2 less.

Prime win, I’d say!
… if it’s exactly the same thing.

Looks like the $2 cheaper model is the UN40JU6400, not UN40JU640D. (MFR links)

Reviewing their features list, I’m not sure what the difference between the two is, other than the ‘D’ and dollars.

Sound- Dolby MS11 (on the D) vs Dolby Digital Plus. The stands are different as well, and it appears the ‘O’ might draw slightly less power.

Looks like functionally the same device to me, as well, but by a side by side line by line comparison, that’s the only 3 differences I could come up with.

The only difference is the “dolby” on the the amazon model? Who uses the TV’s audio functions on larger screen TVs? The speakers in these thin profile LED TVs are terrible. I think most people use a home theater receiver/amp. I know I do. My Yamaha handles all the sound and any Dolby/DTS functions. I only use the TV for the quality of the screen, not sound. It’s nice to know that deal is on Amazon too. Tax will make it $40 more in my state w/ Amazon, but I know I can return it and have top tier customer service when going through them since there isn’t anything such as a return from woot. Also, woot CS to the customer is exactly this “call the manufacturer”.