Samsung 40" Bluetooth AudioBar w/ Sub

**Item: **Samsung 40" Bluetooth AudioBar w/ Sub
Price: $149.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Gaaaaaaaaaah, it made me relog.

Was able to click the “Add to cart!” button, but then told it was sold out. So close. So close…

So close, big yellow button was still there…

Me too! It was IN my cart, but I had to re-enter my password and then it was gone.

How many are sold at a time?


ARGH! It was in my cart and the Proeced to Checkout button greyed out!

“Sorry. The ravenous Woot mob devoured the stuff you wanted.
Check out faster next time. Seriously.”

Wholly Crrapppo Batman, that was riddlin fast, biff, pow, whizz, and gone

Joined today. BoC was their first Woot. Seems legit.

Woot, do you actually track addresses to see who buys more than one? If not, you should consider it.

one is my guess, maybe none, never can be sure

It shows 5 for this last one.

I think it’s funny that I (a middle aged human not using a bot) have 10 sold out bocs that I actually got in my cart when competing against bots. Now that I’m having to do this anti bot human stuff, I’m too slow to even get a chance.

Not complaining, just think it’s funny. This anti bot stuff is also anti middle aged human as well. This has been a fun exercise in trying to keep up. I love a good challenge, even if winning means I pay $8 for crap.

Funny thing, when you go to the sales stats tab for the BOC it shows the name of the first Sucker is the same as the name of the last Wooter to Woot. Guess they are doing these things one at a time. Good luck everyone.

I saw 1 this time around. I remember a time when there were 3000 or so sold.

2 different woot staffers have confirmed one(1)crap per URL…Unless something has changed and they’re doing things differently

I think it’s this one:

Looks like a decent price.

the last woot off, the HP 2000-2C29WM laptop, when i input all the info, its sold out, are you kidding me woot ?