Samsung 40" 1080p 3D LED Smart TV

If this was for the 46" I’d be all over this deal, but 40" is just a tad too small for me right now.

Lots of good reviews (4.0 out of 5.0) over at Amazon

[MOD: Different Model. ]

This appears to be a very good deal on a very good HDTV. Samsung is one of the very best brands, their LED TVs don’t dissapoint.

The SmartTV features are pretty complete. The built in Skype camera is pretty neat, too (though honestly, you’re not likely to use it very often).

Ordinarily this TV would probably set you back another $150 to $250 in the real marketplace (ignore MSRP, as usual). So if you need this size TV, this is a good one!

This is a different model than the one you linked to…but yes, Samsung TVs in general get pretty high marks.

I have the 2010 model of this TV. Fantastic picture and sound, and the 3D is real nice, as well. Sadly I paid MUCH more (DOUBLE!) than this when I bought mine!

Yeah, so I can’t find much info on this specific model online. I could really use answers to questions like “What’s the contrast ratio?” and “Why does this thing have two remotes!?”

A quick search of this model number returns only Spanish-speaking websites. It appears this is a model not offered at anytime in the US before.

The UN46ES7500 review at Amazon, which is a similar yet larger model from the same series is mainly positive. I cannot find anything on what the FXZP notation on this specific model indicates.

[MOD: Yes, the TV is from Latin America. However, it has an English manual and boots up in the English language.]

From what I’ve read, the second remote is a Smart Touch remote which allows you to use it as a trackpad for web surfing, and allows for easier input. They include a standard remote as well incase you don’t like that.

The camera doubles as a means for recognizing gestures for navigation, and uses face recognition for logging into your apps automatically. So that’s pretty cool!

Nice. I can teach my dog to use one of them surely.

Are there people who really want to send or read tweets and surf the web on TV or while watching a movie? Honestly. Way to destroy the experience. Human being are not good at multi-tasking. Get a better dumb TV and buy a Roku for $50 instead.

Went to Samsung site and found this in their Venezuelan (?) site

Does not look like they have the specs there either. Can any one else find more information on this model?

Whoa, a 7500. This is a fantastic television. I have the 6100 and love it. When I was shopping at the end of last year, all the 7000 and 8000 series TVs I looked at were gorgeous, but seeing as I wanted a 50+" set, I opted for a lesser version.

This is a great deal, IMO.

I found this a little differently (via the Latin section from the main website, but that includes Venezeula) and you can find the English version of the 120 page manual:

emanual 703 pages (No, I’m not making that up–very big print on each page)

from the manuals page (there are several other manuals, including a Skype manual I didn’t try)

That’s all I can do right now. Hope it helps.

Note that TV warranty is thru Woot not from Samsung.
Supposedly Woot is not an authorized seller and/or it’s a gray market model.

face recognition… better than deleting your history.

Go to this link, same as 240HZ What is the Refresh Rate? 60Hz vs 120Hz -

All of the replys I’ve read about this tv have been awesome, my only question is, does anyone have a guess or clue as to which active glasses are included? Either way this tv for that price with whatever kind of glasses sounds like an awesome deal and I do think I’ll be in for 1!