Samsung 43" Class The Sero QLED LS05 Series TV

Samsung 43" Class The Sero QLED LS05 Series TV

Be sure to read the reviews. There are only five so it didn’t sell well. The reviews say it does not do portrait orientation under most if not all conditions and while it follows the iPhone if you turn it to portrait mode, it accomplishes by clipping the display with black bars. If I read those wrong, please let me know, someone. If I read it right, the ad is very misleading and disappointing. Official review seems to suggest it works OK switching portrait to landscape with Samsung (Android) phones. Now I am confused but as an iPhone user, I won’t buy it. See:

$300 to $400 extra seems to be a lot extra to pay for a TV that rotates. I guess my arms would really appreciate it.

Perfect for watching Quibi… oops.

FYI it’s says motion rate 120 but that’s just marketing spin, it’s actually 60hz and no VRR

Is it me, or is this bizarre? I rarely cast my phone to my TV, and when I do, it’s 99% in landscape mode to watch a video that was filmed properly… in landscape. Are there people sitting on their couch, doomscrolling Reddit/FB while casting to their TV???

Just… WHY?