Samsung 46" 1080p LED Smart TV



Buyer Beware…

Just FYI, I received my broken TV today! Doesn’t appear it had a fighting chance because the screen is completely damaged with cracks running through out it.

I have submitted support requests to both Woot and this warranty company, Hypermicro that the accompanied paperwork said to work with. Both work through email so it appears i’m the one left out in the cold for several weeks waiting for a working TV…


I’m very sorry. We sell thousands of TVs and believe it or not, only a few arrive with problems. I know that doesn’t make you feel any better. You should hear from our CS soon.


CS contacted me and of course they content they can’t send a replacement even though the tv is still available here.

To me it should seem easy enough for them to place another order for me to serve as the replacement! Or offer free shipping for me to order it again!