Samsung 46" 1080p LCD HDTV

It’s $599 New at Amazon…

What is the refresh rate on this TV? and WTH is Clear Motion Rate?

60 Hz, I’m still very unsure about getting an LCD TV as I’m a serious video gamer. Plasma still seems like a better bet.

I have a 46" Samsung 1080p LCD HDTV and love it–different model, but similar. It only has a 60 hz refresh rate, but I haven’t cared at all. I’m leery about refurbs for flat screens, but Samsung is amazing.

Some recommend LED over LCD, but Samsung LCD is amazing anyway. Put a Samsung up vs. a Vizio or other third-tier flat screen, and you’ll definitely see a huge difference.

I have this TV. (although I bought it for $280 used off Ebay on local pickup).

Anyway, it’s a good TV with nothing particularly fancy. No applications/internet stuff, the back is plain black metal, you get the idea. The front is nice looking for your room though.

It’s a rectangle that plays whatever you plug into the inputs with pretty good picture quality, if you’re looking for something that does more, this isn’t it.

I haven’t had any problems gaming on it, although I don’t play too many games where you’re likely to notice a slower response rate.

No idea what price it is worth, but it’s a fine TV.

I have a Samsung LCD Tv for my xbox and it works really well it is 32 inch 60 hz but only 720p (it’s probably 3 years old)…Samsung makes the best tvs in my opinion that is why my house only has Samsungs :slight_smile: however I would not buy the television here because it’s of little discount from new on amazon (with free shipping/faster shipping on amazon) also better customer service at amazon and better warranty

Is this Samsung any better than say this same as refurbished, but 50incher Sanyo DP50842 from Wally’s World. It’s only $399.98 + tax. Btw, Japanese Sanyo unknown to many, is a subsidiary of Panasonic.

Samsung vs. Sanyo? Not even close. I wouldn’t pay $300 for the Sanyo new, unless it was for a second TV for the kids.

How so…explain.

Dude…that’s like a woot killer. I wonder if Amazon’s ownership has anything to do with that…

Anyway, yes, Samsung picture and color quality is easily bar-none the best out of any consumer-level TV sets. I bought one of these recently at Best Buy and sat there for almost an hour confirming and re-confirming that it was indeed the priciest, but also had by far the best picture/color quality and accuracy.

I just realized something about this one (that I did find out too late about the 46" Samsung I bought but still love).

It does have 4 HDMI. However, I could be wrong, but it does NOT have RCA audio outputs or output for older 5:1 speakers. If so, you’ll have to run speakers from your DVR, cable box or whatever. This means if you do not have cable, FIOS, etc., and only use an antenna, you could be SOL for your external speakers.

Sanyo and Vizio are not even in the same league as Samsung, Sony, some Sharp and some LG.

Sanyo is now a subsidiary of Panasonic–but still a lesser brand. Sams Club has a less expensive Samsung manufactured brand called Viore that I bought and returned the next day when I saw my 46" Samsung on sale at CompUSA for the same price).

Here’s the thing. For a large flat screen, why not invest a few more dollars for better quality? These should last for 4 to 10 years (depending on various things).

If you pay $200 extra for better quality, and it lasts 5 years, that’s $40 a year more. Believe me, if you can afford it slightly, it’s well worth it–especially if you see really nice TV’s at your friends or in the stores.

After seeing a Vizio, Element or something else, then seeing my Samsung, I appreciate mine all the more. Now, mind you, my Samsung compared to some of the better ones is almost the same type of comparison.

$30 off for a refurb model? Weak.

How would Sanyo be a lesser brand.

It sounds like you’re not around long enough to be familiar with the brand.

I just want to ask if this Samsung LCD TV with it’s “Ethernet connection” mean that it’s internet ready or is that wishful thinking? I presume it won’t be streaming from Hulu on it’s own?

It’s $599.00 NEW at B&H Photo.

It’s also $499.00 used at B&H Photo.

Boo. :frowning:

Yep! Longer brand name recognition than Korean Samsung. Samsung was little bro to Lucky Goldstar. Sanyo competed against Sony and JVC in developing the first VCR’s of which VHS eventually won out.

I have no doubt that NorthDallas’s Samsung has been great for him. Of course YMMV. Worst complaints about Samsung is for poor customer service for people with product issues.

Personally I find Samsung, LG, and Panasonic flat panels among the best image displays. I downgraded Sony a couple years ago when Vizios hit the market at Costco stores. Side by side, the Vizio’s had better image clarity and brilliance.

BOT:. Nobody’s showing up a spec for response time on this set. Anyone know the ms on this one?

I would not buy another tv from woot, they can’t seem to pack a tv correctly resulting in the tv arriving damaged… They left me with high hopes and then basically said you’re SOL about the tv unless you want your money back. So never again woot… Never again.

I got a 47" Vizio last week at Costco for $130 more. I like the picture. LED edge lit, 120Hz, wifi, Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc., two year warranty, qwerty on the back of the remote. The 3D version was $50 more after instant rebate, but I didn’t do it.

Even adding the $55 membership fee I think it was a better deal, and I’m sure I’ll buy something else there.