Samsung 46" 1080p LCD or LED HDTV

“Here’s the gist on the TVs: LED TVs generally have sharper images, thinner profiles, and are more energy efficient than LCD TVs.”

Sharper images? Since when does the lighting method increase sharpness?

LCD is cheaper SHORT TERM, but LED is much cheaper to run long-term. You can pay the piper NOW, or pay the electric company later- your choice.

LCD TV’s- you can feel the heat of the fluorescent bulbs. LED TV’s are cool to run.

There is more than one model of the 46" LED TV. I actually own one and have owned one for 2 years and I love it. But the models have changed in terms of refresh rate and features.

Why can’t I find the model number listed? I paid $1500 for mine (which was a steal from newegg at the time)

I’d pull the trigger on these if Woot bothered to include a model number.

Tough to do research without those numbers. Too many lemons out there to risk it.

Samsung is the best. but they don’t manufacturer all their panels. True Samsung LED tv’s w/ Sammy panels are the bomb.

An LED tv IS an LCD tv. However, the LCD tvs that people so commonly refer to have ccfl(cold cathode fluorescent lighting). An LED tv replaces that with an LED array, generally a ring around the edge.

Basically, LEDs are less fragile, more reliable and use less energy than ccfl, but if the display panel in the tv is identical in both these models, and the ‘LCD’ is cheaper, go for it. You won’t notice a difference unless you are a real videophile.

Hi there! I just put in a call for the model numbers. Sorry about that!

**Model numbers have been added:

LCD: Model LN46C530F1FXZA
LED: Model UN46D6000SFXZA **

I have the UN55B7000 and it’s a great set. Just make sure you turn off the auto contrast feature that darkens the screen in dark scenes to ‘enhance’ the picture. It’s really jarring when that happens so suddenly.

The LED is UN46D6000SFXZA
The non LED is LN46C530F1FXZA

If you click through to the “I Want One” it shows the model number on the order confirmation screen.

D6000 LED is hackable using Samygo, depending on firmware. Gets you all kinds of goodies instead of the basic net-enabled apps. DLNA, etc.


“Samsung 46” 1080p LCD or LED HDTV" they are both LCD tvs… more appropriate would be “Samsung 46” 1080p CCFL or LED LCD HDTV"

I agree with those who already posted, stating that it is difficult to research or pull the trigger without the actual M/Ns.

The fourth image for the LED-backlit model shows the overall back of the unit, but not the connectors closely enough. The specifications tab shows that the LED-backlit model can decode QAM but has no F-connector for RF signal input. While possible, that just seems, well, implausible. Aside from being contradictory, additionally, without a tuner, it would be more of a monitor than a television in that one would need another device to provide a N/ATSC-encoded signal. Is my thinking incorrect?

Part #: UN46D6000SFXZA
Product Description: Samsung UN46D6000, 46" Class ( 45.9" viewable ) LED-backlit LCD TV
Product Type: LED-backlit LCD TV
Diagonal Size: 46" Class ( 45.9" viewable ), widescreen
Dimensions (WxDxH): 42.9 in x 10.8 in x 28.1 in, with stand
Weight: 37.7 lbs
Color: Stone black
Digital Television Certification: HDTV
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Display Format: 1080p (FullHD)
Enhanced Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
Motion Enhancement Technology: Auto Motion Plus 120Hz
Video Interface: Component, composite, HDMI
HDMI Ports Qty: 4 port(s)
HDCP Compatible: Yes
Technology: TFT active matrix
LCD Backlight Technology: LED backlight
Progressive Scan: Yes
Image Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Digital TV Tuner: ATSC, QAM
Internet Streaming Services: Samsung Smart TV
Additional Features: On/off timer, clock, on-screen menu, DLnA, Anynet Plus, Touch of Color (ToC), ultra clear panel, AllShare, ConnectShare Movie, Samsung Apps, Wide Color Enhancer Plus, Samsung Smart TV
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Speaker System: 2 speakers
Sound Effects: SRS TruSurround HD
USB Port: Yes , 3 port(s)
Remote Control: Remote control, infrared
Environmental Standards: ENERGY STAR Qualified
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year warranty

I’m stuck with my old, but reliable 10yr old flat WS CRT Samsung Tantus TSK3092WF…so I’m still off the market for any one of these Woot 46" Samsung led/lcd tv. Bummer… :frowning:

On the bright side, I’m on an LG 32" lcd tv I use right now as I type this…as a pc monitor.

I would warn EVERYONE away from this LCD. My father and one of my buddies had the 52" of this model (530) and both of them had capacitors fail on their power supply. My friend after 1 year (just as the warranty expired), my father after 3. It is a known issue:
I ended up replacing the caps in 1 set ($15) and replacing the whole power board on the other (around $100 on ebay)

When your screen starts turning off on it starts taking a while to ‘warm up’ before giving you any picture, here’s a link to the part on ebay if you don’t feel comfortable desoldering and replacing your caps.

My understanding is led tv’s can be edge lit (led’s at edge of screen and diffuser evenly illuminates whole area) or the other kind (led’s distributed evenly over screen area). Is this distinction ever made in product specs?

Not sure why I am joining the discussion on this one. You could say they are made from genuine horse manure and these will still sell out in record time.

And they should.

And they will.

I have the LED version, and only had to buy it twice! Why twice you ask? Lemon? Spec upgrade? Second room? Luxurious bathroom installation?



Plain and simple kick-the-door-in-while-you’re-at-work-like-good-folks-because-you-have-insurance-and-you-couldn’t-steal-a-tube-this-big-without-back-surgery-and-I’ll-kick-your-dog-on-my-way-out-for-fun theft.

Bought the exact same TV again without so much as a click to compare it to another model. Will do it again, except this time there is a larger dog in the picture.

If you know what I mean.

Best TV ever for my dollars, and I paid well over $1000 each time.

Does the LED model support RVU tech? I would like to use it with my directv HMC, which according to directv website is featured in the 6000 series, but it doesn’t list it as a feature here or on samsung’s site…

Finally… An LED.

What are the chances something like this will survive shipping to NY?