Samsung 46" 1080p LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi

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Samsung 46" 1080p LED Smart TV w/ Wi-Fi
Price: $369.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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last time I bought a Samsung HDTV, it was 5 years ago, a 32" 720p for $550. this is a much better deal.

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60hz native, ick.

[MOD: This Samsung is 120Hz native refresh rate and 240 effective/CMR.]

Why the “ick” for 60 Hz native frame rate? If I’m not mistaking, NTSC high definition video is only transmitted at a maximum of 60 Hz anyway and that a picture at 120 Hz (or 240 Hz, as this product is capable of) is because the television itself has inserted extra frames to compensate for and smooth the transition in fast motion video. Someone correct me if I’m wrong?


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Can I ask where you got this information? Everything I can find points to a 120hz native and 240hz with their software stuff. I just want to be sure before I purchase this tv. If it really is only 60hz native I am not very interested.

Hey all, we’ve confirmed that this Samsung is 120Hz native refresh rate and 240 effective/CMR.

5 years ago is an eternity in technology and not a reliable measure for what is “better deal” today.

Not all Smart TVs will play Flash. Will this one?

I think he was being sarcastic/humorous. I took his comment in that manner and enjoyed it immensely.

But maybe you were being super sarcastic as well in response, in which case please pardon the interruption.

For me, I look for 120Hz because I was under the impression that 120Hz can be evenly divided by 24 – thus allowing the TV to accurately mimic 24Hz refresh rate ideal for Blu-ray discs that can output a film’s native 24fps playback – it doesn’t have to awkwardly translate 24fps to 60Hz/fps.

Someone please chime in if 60Hz TVs are just as capable on this front.

New apartment, new screen(s), and I’m rethinking my entertainment options. What are your thoughts on using this as a PC monitor? I’ve been using a 20" monitor with 1600×900 default res and it’s been fine. I realize that 1080p at 46" might make for a tough experience as a monitor, but will it really be worse than what I have now? In terms of usage, I will probably use it for monitor/work 75% and TV 25%. (My reasoning, BTW, is that it’s a hell of a lot cheaper for a large TV than for a large monitor.)

Also, anyone know if DVI-HDMI conversion will have any negative effect when connecting my PC to the TV? Thanks!

Is this the same kind of smart telly to which this refers?:

Is it possible to turn off the “smart” and use it as a sweet dumb monitor?

You got it correct. See:

Edit: To clarify, 60hz vs 120hz doesn’t matter for broadcast. But 120hz with Blu-ray will look a lot better because there isn’t a 3-2 pull down. This is all assuming you’re not using Clear Motion or any other type of interpolation.

Indeed. However, if you get a Samsung 4K TV with 240 CMR, it will be only running at 60 Hz.

And then there’s the Hobbit movies which were recorded in 48fps.

What we need are screens w/ variable refresh rates and a way for source content to communicate what rate to use.

Well this is the first refurb electronic device ever for me, but my research says this is a great TV at this price. I have two LG tv’s, 42 and 46 inch and one 32 inch Samsung. I like the picture on the Samsung much better for broadcast shows. So hopefully this is a good buy.