Samsung 48" LED 1080P Full Web Smart TV

Warning Will Robinson. My friend, who bought this Samsung on my advice, has unresolved problems with the Smart aspect of this TV. Repeated calls to Samsung finds this TV must be 15 feet or less from the wireless router and it must be a straight shot from the router to the TV. Very limiting and unreasonable IMHO. Picture was good however.

I got one of these from Sears. They had an appliance bundle for Black Friday where I got $200 store credit (Shop Your Way Points) with the appliance purchase. Ended up spending around $220 and put it on the same 24 month financing deal as the appliances…with a little manager arm twisting lol.

I don’t use the wireless on it since I run my own wired network cabling in the walls of my house. Have seen lots of reviews on Amazon claiming the smart portion is really slow. It’s slightly slower but nothing terrible. I put the newest firmware on it and haven’t had issues. Love all the features. Tons of apps. Wish they put the same amount of apps into their smart Blu Ray players. I’m primarily using Plex, NetFlix, and Amazon Video. I have 30mbps/5mbps internet and haven’t noticed any buffering issues other than the initial start of a video.

My only real gripe is 2 HDMI ports. Lots of TV’s seem to have that. Wish they did more ports for people who don’t buy receivers with 5+ HDMI ports. It’s pretty reasonable to hook up a Blu Ray player and a DVR…then you’re out of luck for a game console or anything else.