Samsung 48" LED 1080P Full Web Smart TV

what are the dimensions height with and without stand and width?

Hi, sale is updated…
Dimensions (W x H x D):
TV without stand: 43.3" x 24.8" x 2.4"
TV with stand: 43.3" x 27.4" x 12.2"

Thank You

FedEx crushed mine in shipping, but the box looked intact not torn up. Emailed for an RMA. I hope I can get a replacement instead of a refund. And a paid shipping label or else the refund needs to include my return shipping. I am not pleased, but I don’t think it was sent out crushed, it was FedEx that damaged it.

Oh man, bummer. Keep us updated on how things pan out.

Service is FAST. I had an email by 9PM yesterday. I got a prepaid shipping label, so I won’t be out any money. They don’t have anymore of the TV which is expected with the nature of Woot! being one deal a day until they sell out. It was completely the fault of FedEx so I cannot ask for Woot! to do more.