Samsung 48" LED 4K Full Web Smart TV

I just bought one of these from Woot last week. I had a huge line going down the center of the display. Had to return it. And they did not have any in stock to send me. Dissapointed. Ended up ordering from another deal site for the same price.

Which alternate site did you use? I’m interested in getting one of these Samsung TV’s, and I’m looking for alternative websites.

If they did not have a replacement then how can they be selling the TV now?

I believe they just refund your money to make it quicker instead of having to process it and send you another one if they’re available. It’s just Woot for trying to provide you with quicker service.

I just placed an order for one of these TVs last night. I’ll update when TV arrives.

This could have been cool if mine didn’t come from them today cracked into a million pieces…packed horribly…shipped even worse…now broken TV and whatever process to deal with the return…bummer and #wootupsfail

Oh man, I’m really sorry to hear about that. I’m sure that Customer Service will be able to help you out. They can take up to 24 hours to reply, so just be patient and we’ll get all this sorted out.

Virtually every tech expert out there advises against buying refurbished tvs. TVs in particular are bulky. Why would anyone want to go through the stress of sending a TV back if there wasn’t a huge underlying deal breaker?

Laptops make great refurbished buys but nottvs