Samsung 49" CRG9 Series Gaming Monitor

Samsung 49" CRG9 Series Gaming Monitor

This is pretty well recommended and looks like $1200 is about the cheapest you’ll find it new. You can also use it picture-by-picture mode that allows you to get two inputs, so you effectively have two 27in displays without the bezel in the middle. One thing in reviews is making sure you have a good enough video card that can drive this at the resolution and aspect ratio (32:9). Another review put it this way:

Note that to get 120Hz at 5120×1440, you will need to limit the color depth to 8-bit.

At 10-bit, the refresh rate is limited to 100Hz, which is still plenty considering 5120×1440 is almost as demanding to drive as 4K UHD; for high/maxed out settings in the latest games and ~100FPS, you’ll need an RTX 2080 Ti ($2200+), or better card.

I’m still trying to justify this for myself, but not ready to drop the money on a new graphics card that high end at the same time.

Want to buy it for me? I’d love you forever.

I know…wouldn’t that be nice, but those video cards are just ridiculous because of all the crypto mining rigs people are building.

I bought this and there’s some kind of backlight leakage at the bottom center of the display. I can only see it when the scene being displayed is a solid gray or light color. It’s maybe a quarter inch and it doesn’t show up on camera. Is this normal or should I return it? Otherwise, it’s a great monitor, and my Radeon RX 570 drives it fine.

I have the same defect in mine, like you, it’s not always noticeable unless I’m focused on that area and it’s really dark… otherwise works great. See attached
I also can’t decide if I should return it.