Samsung 4CH 500GB DVR Security System

Just curious how long the included cables are… I bought a similar system from u a few weeks ago and it had a couple 90 ft cables and 4 60 ft cables… which are these?.. thanks… also what type of cables are they?.. BNC?

Per the team…

The spec sheet says 2 qty 60’ BNC camera cables

I see the the system is 4 channel, so can I add two more cameras to the system if I need to? Thanks.

You can add two more cameras, yes.

Is this item refurbished?

The condition is listed as “New”, just below the price info.

Can they be configured to record only when motion is detected?

Here’s the manual. I see that it has motion detection. I’m just not sure if it controls recording or logs it.

Support page with manual. Looks like there’s a DVR upgrade too.