Samsung 4ch 720p HD 4 Cam Security System

the description says in one place a 1TB drive and in others a 2TB drive? which is it?

Buyer confirms 1TB is correct.

I have this same setup at my house. It works great and was easy to install. Picture quality is excellent as well. Please note that the 1tb drive has only enough space to continuosly record 3 cameras 7 days at a time at the highest quality settings. (I have no need for the 4th). It will then overwrite the data after 7 days. Night vision is pretty good, but motion detection is lacking as I am still trying to figure out the correct settings 1 month later.

I have the 16 cam version of this and I agree with everything here…I would like to add that setting up the system was utter crap. They need to update their system to work without the need of silverlight and sometimes the app can be a bit spotty.

Yes, system admin is pretty horrible, and several of my computers won’t even run MS Silverlight. I’ve had this system for about 8 months and it works great except that I haven’t been able to figure out how to view cameras remotely. I can see them from my phone or laptop if I am on the same network, but not if I am away from home.

If I had it to do over again, I would probably choose another system just because of the setup and admin panel, but picture is great.