Samsung 4K Smart QLED TVs - Your Choice

Samsung 4K Smart QLED TVs - Your Choice

“Elite Black” sounds like either the name of a special ops unit, or some credit card with an insanely high annual fee.

I can’t figure out all the fuss about “QLED” !
OLED is the next big techy thing coming down the pike !
Frankly, I can see any significant difference between these 4k tv’s and the 65 inch 4k’s that preceded
them, that makes these worth $7-$800 MORE !
I have the LED - NU7300 that I got on a BLK Friday deal for $700, and I’m extremely happy with
the picture quality for just watching movies on a large screen format !
Best Buy and Walmart have that model for $900 right now !
SO if ya gotta have this curved screen, then spend the extra cash,…but I’d rather take that cash and buy a good surround theater system to go with it !!!

Buyer Beware. I purchased one of Woot’s last “factory reconditioned” Samsung TV deals on Black Friday. The TV arrived dead. While Woot did say that they would refund the money, I went ahead and asked Samsung if the TV was warrantied under some sort of limit warranty for factory reconditioned items. They informed me that SAMSUNG DID NOT RECONDITION THE TV. They had no record of the TV serial number since it had been sold originally, and suspected that it had been refurbished by Best Buy or another retailer. They therefore would not honor any warranty.

So, yes Woot did offer my money back, but A) I have to go through the hassle of returning the TV, B) I now don’t have a TV to use for a while, and C) there are none left in their stock from the sale so I have to go pay full price if I want the same TV from somewhere else (a price difference from $890 and $2000+).

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I have a 2018 Sony 75" 4k HDR high end TV and a Samsung 65" 4K HDR QLED TV. QLED does make a difference, the colors are more pronounced on the QLED.

Based on my one poor experience of returning a multiple-dead-pixels-on-arrival 3D TV return and the stories I see in every discussion, I still can’t believe anyone pays more than $300 for refurb TVs from Woot. It seems to me that the high-end refurbs just aren’t worth the risk. I generally go for the TCLs and the Vizios where an expected life of a year (or a month or two before dead pixels start showing up) is an acceptable cost-benefit.

Does anyone have good experiences with the more high-end ones? Do the specially-available squaretrade warranties help?

@cjshaw411 I’m sorry for the problem. These definitely have a Samsung warranty and they should have honored your warranty. We’re checking with our vendor to see what happened. THANK YOU for the feedback.