Samsung 5.1.4Ch Soundbar w/Dolby Atmos Tech

Anyone receive their soundbar yet? Mine was apparently so damaged that Fedex redirected it back to Woot before it even got to me. I’m just wondering if I’m the only poor sucker.

You had the lucky HULK SMASH FedEx driver. Sorry. :frowning:

I am not amused. :frowning:

We aren’t either. We’d much rather have your money. Have you contacted our CS to see if we have a replacement available?

Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Yes. I’m being told there is no more stock but I was the last wooter to purchase and it was definitely still in stock a day later so there has to be stock SOMEWHERE. Sigh.

Let me check in with CS. It’ll be Monday most likely before I hear back though.

Thank you, I appreciate the assistance.