Samsung 50" 4K Smart TV

Who refurbished? The mothership offers this model (though currently unavailable) in a “certified refurbished” condition that’s been refurbished by the manufacturer or a third party vendor. They also state “Accessories may be generic and not directly from the manufacturer.” Do you know if those being offered here are the same as Amazon’s? However I see this one states the remote is actually Samsung’s Smart remote so, probably not the same. But they’re both 2016 models and get excellent ratings.

Sorry, was expanding my question as you were apparently answering the “Who refurbished” part.

Third party.

“The 4k Samsung KU6300 Series UHD LED TV doesn’t have a stellar picture quality but is good enough for most content.”


What size box does it come in? I have only so much room to get it down my steps?

I want to make sure that “DTV Tuner: ATSC / Clear QAM” is a “standard” over-the-air channel tuner. In other words, I can get plain old rooftop antenna network stations “out of the box.” Is that correct?

The short answer is: “Yes,” but you may need an antenna.

The ATSC refers to the over-the-air HD content - this is the American standard for HD broadcast.

The Clear QAM refers to a decoder for cable TV (stuff that would be “Scrambled”). This allows you to plug the TV into a cable from a wall and get standard Cable without use of a box to unscramble it. IE, if you’re in an apartment that has cable built in, you can just plug it in to the TV.

The Tuner allows for BOTH. However: It does NOT necessarily mean that you either a) have a subscription (cable), or b) that your signal is strong enough.

If you want to get over-the-air HD TV, this TV will allow it out of the box, but you may need to get a digital HD antenna.

what is the warranty on this unit?

90 day standard woot warranty

If you have a Frys Electronics somewhere close to you they are offering the 55" refurb for $349. Sometimes the model number might end in 6300 and others 6290. But it’s the exact same TV. I actually bought the 55" 6290 new from Best Buy last year. The TV is great and the PQ is awesome. To the one person that said the PQ was not good. I say it depends on what source you are using. crap in means crap out. The 4K PQ on these sets is amazing. So is 720p and 1080i.

4K resolution on a 50" set? Unless you sit about 18 inches from the screen, your eyes can’t possibly resolve it. Much like distinguishing a single leaf on a tree–from about a mile away.

The MUCH bigger consideration in picture quality is the source.

Good for a UHD, I’m waiting for a 4k tv.

I read that this a “Smart” TV. Dies that imply that included applications have the Netflix, Amazon, Hulu applications “built in”? I understand that a person must also subscribe to the desired service, but want to confirm that I don’t need a Roku or similar device to access them? Thanks!

The last TV from Woot arrived in a cardboard box about 2" bigger than the TV, with bubblewrap at the corners. It was broken from shipping, so we had to return it, which woot was great about, and the second one arrived in better shape, although still packaged very “economically”. Make sure you check it out before the delivery guy leaves, since you might need them to to put it right back on the truck. The delivery company sent one guy to deliver our 70" TV and he wouldn’t take any help, and promptly dropped it on the corner. We didn’t know it unti, later when we opened the box how damaged it was.

So, if I am shipped a defective unit, I have to ship it back to Woot at my expense?

Then if the next one has a problem, same deal?

Frighteningly close to no warranty at all, isn’t it?