Samsung 50" 4K UHD HDR Smart TV

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Samsung 50" 4K UHD HDR Smart TV
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime) OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, May 23 to Monday, May 28) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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If any staff are listening, the proceed to check out button and place your order buttons are not working. I tried it on two types of browsers.
is there a lull in purchasing? There might be a reason for that.

What kind of warranty comes with this refurbished product?

Yep, the checkout is screwed up, can’t ‘Place your order’!

Hmm…I was able to proceed to checkout and place order. I will reach out to tech team. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Amazon reviews say that Samsung starts playing unstoppable advertisements on the tv against your wishes and refuses to stop them. I had this tv in my cart before I decided to find out why there are so many 1 star reviews

I was wondering if one could get around this by just using it as a monitor (i.e. not allowing it to connect to the network, not using its tuner, etc) via HDMI, in my case from an A/V receiver. While Samsung 4K televisions in general seem to rate pretty well in terms of display lag for monitor and gaming use according to this site, I noticed this one in particular isn’t listed.

Then I got more curious and noticed that the model number “MU6070FXZA” has almost no relevant online references at all. I found an old Best Buy link suggesting this exact model number refers to a 65" TV. Nothing on Amazon.

Something doesn’t quite seem right – like this TV wasn’t marketed through normal channels or was an instant dud that they never tried very hard to sell.

Is this systemic with Samsung or specific to this model or size? We are in the market for a smart TV but this would be a deal killer.

Regarding quality of picture what opinions are out there as this relates to TCL?

As alluded to above, I can’t find a single review of this model. Barely even any references. Also, don’t Samsung model numbers typically reflect the size of the screen? For example, don’t the 50 inch models typical have “50” somewhere in the number? Could the model number listed on Woot be incorrect? Seems to be a decent deal, and I’m in the market, but I agree something seems off.

Houston, there’s still a problem ordering this. Using Amazon Prime, logged in, entered all information, the PLACE ORDER button does NOTHING - zero, zip nada

Browser? Mac/PC? Adblocker on? Any other extensions running? I have tried on Mac chrome, PC chrome, PC edge, ios safari and app, and I have placed about 12 orders. Need more information from y’all so we can find out what’s going on!

Mac, firefox browser, logged in Amazon Prime - yes, adblocker running - will try it now w/o adblocker

Nope, still doesn’t work. The Place Your Order button does “highlight” when you mouse over it, i.e it changes color, but clicking on it does absolutely NOTHING.

I managed to repro it with Ublock Origin running and it breaks us. I will try Firefox now.

Hmm I just did the above on Firefox 52.7.3 on Mac and it worked without Adblockers on. Very perplexing.

Hey spraytherm, does it work if you use Incognito mode (File->New Private Window) with adblock off? Wondering if some weird caching thing with the adblock is happening.

Did you try a n incognito tab? Sometimes adblock settings can be cached locally.

I’m looking for a Google home compatible tv so using it as a monitor won’t work.

However, the fact that this product isn’t legitimate coupled with the ad-serving means I dodged a bullet.