Samsung 50" 4K Ultra-HD Wi-Fi Smart TV

UGGHHHHHH I just bought this for way more new on Amazon the other day because I’d given up on Woot having more 4K tvs! shakes fist

Has anyone experienced any downfall on purchasing a refurbished item (such as this) from WOOT? Great deal on them; it’s just that word ‘refurbished’ makes me cringe. I understand that anything with these items could be refurbished (maybe the stand on one was faulty, and repaired, or the remote had something wrong with it)… thoughts?

I bought two of the TCL 40" refurbs in the past. No issues whatsoever. Appears to be completely new, except it comes in a brown box with no markings.

So tempting! Time to start searching around about this TV.

I bought a refurbished Apple computer and it looked like someone danced on the thing. But that was when Woot had really crappy customer service b4 Amazon bought Woot.

It didnt finction right either. It waa just a few random used models of all in one Apple computers and had to return it after 5 different emails from 3 different prople all wrote contradictory replies. Even two employees stating i could return the computer and the other stating i couldnt, Then both reps changed their mind after receiving an RMA NUMBER even from the first rep. That said I could return but then said they wouldn’t provide an RMA, so another rep sent one randomly in my string of replies.

It got worse after that because I return the computer and then they said that they didn’t receive it when it showed delivered.

I had to dispute the transaction with Amazon because I paid luckily with Amazon payments and an Amazon rep had to fix boots problems and shortly after Amazon to go over woot and obviously got a new management because the number products change from 5 to 50 a day which is much better but in response,

I had already disputed the transaction with my credit card company but it was taking too long.

I also just bought a refurbished item from Groupons and they sent me a first-generation light strip extension instead of a second generation light strip extension so it was of no use to me and was poorly and cheaply packaged and screwed up the adhesive from dust bouncing around in the Box I think… But this is not Groupon. (Thank God) They CLOSED THEIR LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND WILL NEVER SHOP WITH THEM AGAIN.

I only had an issue that one time with the computer but it was a $600 purchase and another item showed some light where but other than that, I don’t buy anything refurbished unless I see a photo of what I’m going to get. If the shell or casing from the product if it’s an electronic for example has been completely replaced and has some sort of warranty, not from the manufacturer not from woot, but the seller or manufacturer.

Seller refurbished items in small quantities seem to be more prone to blemishments and imperfections. Large quantity. (50-10,000 depending on items’ pricepoint.)


Here’s what I look for to avoid a headache of getting a poor quality refurbished item man getting the biggest bang for my buck:

  1. make sure there’s a photo of the refurbished product

  2. make sure you check the return policy

  3. the amount of refurbished units should not be too little or too high or could indicate warning signs

  4. can you call for customer service?

  5. make sure there is a MANUFACTURER’S warranty not just a warranty through woot or whatever seller

  6. see how many units have already been sold the more the better. I use the statistics showing what states have bought the item and if the map is really lit up and indicate a lot have been sold and as a indication that it’s a good buy otherwise they’ll have that many more Angry customers anyways that’s just me, but I buy everything online when I can because you can get so much more for the same amount and you avoid taxes.

A final thought regarding “refurbished” xyz product… most sites have their own definitions of refurbished.

If you look in the user agreement or “help” or another link under “site map” link on pretty much every website- legitimate or not… but each site’s deffinitions for terms can different greatly.

The term refurbished is often abused and can be actual manufactured refurbished items or seller refurbished items but seller refurbished can end up with you purchasing a iMac that someone had danced on or in very rough condition are missing parts or open box items or simply returns that have been repackaged after being opened.

Most are large quantity purchases of refurbished items by people who do this for a living and make a great deal by buying thousands of quantities of one item from the manufacturer who refurbished the items and providing a warranty from the manufacturer.

If it seems too good to be true it probably is. Although sometimes it’s not. I bought an open box of a refurbished 6.5 inch Garmin GPS and then I purchased the backup camera kit also manufacturer refurbished. I purchased the opens refurbished GPS that sells for 160 for only 54 bucks and the back up camera kit is 200 msrp and i bought and received a manufacturer refurbished Cat That Came sealed with a sticker stating it is a refurb officially sealing the Box that is a brown Garmin box and got it for only $80 if I remember correctly or less than.

A lot of things that are open box have just been returned or were “rented” meaning used and then return before the length of the return policy and some where displays. Being able to see a refurbished item or open-box item or used obviously is off the wall but if you really are questioning a purchase ask the cellar or ask someone on woot here or call Amazon since they own They’ve helped me in the past.

Can’t you return the one to Amazon considering Amazon owns woot within your return policy?