Samsung 55" 1080p LED Smart TV

Warning. I had a friend buy this TV from Woot on my recommendation primarily because she wanted access to Pandora. Have had nothing but trouble as Pandora mysteriously disappears after installation. Have called Samsung 3 times and they fix it temporarily but two days later it disappears again. Cable company couldn’t figure it out either after a home visit. Told them the router was 20 feet away and they responded it needs to be less than 15 feet away. Really? Assured me Pandora would not disappear again. Not true!Picture is fine but Internet connection is troublesome as are the apps involved rendering the Smart part of the TV useless. Downloading takes forever. This experience tells me not to buy a Samsung “Smart” TV.

Saw this TV NEW at Costco today for $649. Includes 2 years with Costco concierge service and for $59 you can extend the warranty to 3 yrs with Square trade.