Samsung 55" 4K Smart TV

Are these TVs still under the manufacturer’s warranty? If so, for how long?

Can anyone verify that these have a built in tuner?

It comes with a 90 day Woot warranty which you can read all about at the bottom of the description.

factory refurbs?

Condition Refurbished

Got mine yesterday and its amazing!

Get really good CR reviews

Another retailer has these at the same price new in box non refurbish. An open box edition is 5 cheaper than this refurbish. Just saying. If this were more like 399.99 this would be a good deal.

What can you guys tell me about the refresh rate? It’s listed at 120hz, but that’s with “Motion Rate 120”… Is it native 60hz?

What real refresh rate should I expect if I’m running at 4k vs. 1080p?

We just bought one of these new at Costco and paid $749. They are on sale this week for $679. It’s a great TV.

Do you have a link for that offer? I’d love to pass it on to my vendor team for consideration.

I bought this TV as a Christmas gift for my mom and it was delivered with the screen cracked in half. Woot will be refunding my purchase (or so they say…) but I’m still a bit pissed about this mishap. I’ve never had a problem with refurbished gear in the past but this was the first time I bought electronics from Woot. Does NOT set a good tone for future expectations.