Samsung 55" 4K Smart TV

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Samsung 55" 4K Smart TV
Price: $499.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I have the 50" version of this TV (UN50KU6300), picked it up new on Black Friday for $397. Honestly a great introductory 4K TV. gives it a 7.4, which is good for the price.

The 4K and HDR look wonderful, and despite the reviews I only notice a small amount of shutter during action scenes in movies, I’ve yet to noticed it during sports.

My chief complaints: the screen is VERY glossy, you’ll have trouble watching in a bright room and it will catch lamp reflections at night. The built-in Wi-Fi antenna for the Smart TV is very weak. I can’t easily run Ethernet to the TV so I ended up moving my AP about 10 feet away to allow the streaming services to work without constant buffering or low bandwidth warnings. The “motion rate” is a sales gimmick, this set only has 60Hz refresh rate, and using some software magic it’s ‘equivalent’ to 120Hz.

Have you tried an Ethernet Extender. You plug one unit in near your router and connect it to the router via Ethernet. You plug the other unit in near your TV and run Ethernet from it to your TV.

I use one with my Roku with no problems.

Are there any “dumb” 4k UHD TVs on the market?

Every Samsung TV that I have purchased that were refurbished have died with in a year. I would stay away from Samsung referbs.

No. At some point, all TVs will have some sort of Smart functionality. You’d have to look for a strictly display panel, not so much a TV, which isn’t something you’d find easily or cheaply.