Samsung 55" 4K Smart TV

am i the ONLY one who bought this TV lol? now im feeling like it wasnt a great idea… its been almost 5 hours now :frowning: good reviews online and a solid 300+$ off the other prices i found

I was acrually eyeing this tv on black friday and read a lot of reviews on this model. It’s one of the better ones at this price range.

This site is very helpful. Too bad I’m not in the market of getting a tv atm and the refurb is not helping my decision. But damn the price is good. Update us on your purchace!

I think this is a pretty good buy. I’m quasi in the market for a tv, but I could probably go another 1-2 years if I had to… I kind of want a decent 60" 4K at around this price and I figure it’s probably not that far off.

I have this. Paid $80 more for a new one at my local BB. It plays 4K .mkv files from an external drive. Can’t comment on the Smart TV features because I don’t use them. After spending a few hours researching and tweaking the video settings, the picture looks fantastic.

This seems like an excellent deal. Can anyone who has bought this TV verify whether or not it truly supports HDR? I’ve read conflicting info on online reviews stating that it can accept HDR signal, but not display them. Samsung’s site states that their 2016 SUHD models support HDR/1000 nits while the UHD models support HDR Premium/10 nits. I don’t expect high-end HDR at a price-point this good, but are folks impressed with this model’s HDR processing, or should I stick it out with my 1080p until SUHD TVs are a little less? Thanks!

well i got my tv on friday, just a few days after ordering! I took down my old tv and cleaned the shelf, delt with the rat nest of wires and whatnot. my “old” tv is a 52" sony bravia. great TV, paid (dear lord) 4900$ for it, but about 9 years old now and it weighs 115 pounds, uses a lot more energy and the picture is finally after all these years starting to show its age…it was top of the line and aged very well! so anyway, tv down 2 flights of stairs with help of a beefy friend…got the new Tv situated and plugged in, cables connected, etc. batteries in the remote…hit power button…Screen is shattered :frowning: i was heartbroken.

Imediatly emailed Woot and within miniutes i had a responce and they had the TV picked up Monday and A new one was delivered weds. ive watched a couple movies on it now and it runs only via my apple TV with airplay…the picture is great, the TV is super light and thin. im happy with it…only wish it was 60" lol the picture looks about the same size as my old one, even smaller kind of becasue the Sony TV had a large bezel about 6" around it for the speakers and some “Attractive” clear and metal frame.