Samsung 55" 4K UHD 120 CMR LED Smart TV



Same TV over in woot electronics for $50 more? The left hand knows not what the right one does.




Whenever there is a 4k tv on here, I typically see the question of “what model year is it?” Is there something I should know before buying a 4k TV if it isn’t a 2015 model?


You’re right! We’ve ended the other sale and will be refunding anyone who purchased there the $50 difference.


I purchased from the other sale and it came damaged/defective. Would it be possible to have a replacement sent or a refund asap so i can purchase this one


Email into our CS team, they should be able to help answer/replace. You can reach them using the support tab towards the top of the page.


I did and they said that they had none in stock which obviously is not true. And im still awaiting for the next response


We don’t always have access to all our stock in order to put in a replacement order. They’ll likely need to work with you on a return for a refund.


I want this model tv. Its pretty ridiculous that they send me a messed up unit and im out on cost of the last one and would have to spend another 800+ to get this unit instead of them just sending a replacement. Just doesnt make sense


^ Why I don’t buy high-ticket items from W! Fool me once…


Are these TV’s factory refurbished or refurbished by a third party?


“Refurbished” covers everything from [list]- buyers’ remorse

  • returns of products whose defects have been repaired by pros (third party)
  • damaged packaging and discontinued items[/list]

We would list the item “factory reconditioned” if it were restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner.


So I’m reading this as; you could receive a broken tv but it’s been refurbished at one time by someone.
Am I wrong?


I ordered this TV and it arrived very defective (obviously not refurbished). There were pixels out, dark purple/blue blotches all over the screen, and a light bleed “sunrise” effect right in the middle at the bottom.

I ordered the refurb Visio 4k Smart TV from Woot about two months prior and it also arrived defective. It had 5 pixels out right in the middle of the screen and the main HDMI port had a flicker problem.

I’m not sure where Woot is sourcing their refurb LCD panels, but there is a very high chance they were just re-packaged and re-sold and not refurbished at all. I will never buy another Refurb TV from Woot as I am tired of unpacking, setting up, angrily tearing down, re-packing, and shipping them back. :frowning: